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Socially Conscious Fashion Accessories

Socially conscious shopping has been incredibly important to me. I’ve always been of the opinion that we should do good whenever and wherever we can, so when I heard about Bird and Stone, I was immediately interested in them. They’re a socially conscious fashion accessory company making jewelry, pins, and even cards for special occasions. And although their pieces are lovely, what I love the most is their approach to business.
Bird and Stone is a company that is devoted to doing good. Unlike so many other companies that might donate a portion of their sales when certain holidays or events roll around, Bird and Stone, donates 10% of every sale to a cause that helps better the world and the people in it. Shoppers can view items by category, cause, or organization. It’s really amazing. From causes like women’s health and environmental education to organizations such as Planned Parenthood of NYC and New York Renews, Bird and Stone is a company that allows us to do good while we look good.

Girl’s Education is one of the causes available to shop. I love this one because it promotes education, inspiration, and motivation for girls, and unfortunately, we still need that. They have a couple of fun bracelets that have a super cute look as well as a positive message and a Christmas card with a wonderful, girl-centric image on the front.

Feminist Camp is another excellent section of the store. Feminist Camp is an organization focused on girls’ empowerment, and that shines through in the Bird and Stone line. They have three different cuff options with the words “The Future is Feminist” engraved along the top and a fantastic “Make the World Fit Women” greeting card, as well. All of these promote the message of girls’ and women’s empowerment.

Social conscious shopping, particularly fashion, is something near and dear to me, and I think the world needs more of it. Shopping from stores and companies that give back is such an easy way to do good in the world. That’s why Bird and Stone has become one of my favorite fashion and accessory stores. With 10% of every sale going to an incredibly important cause, Bird and Stone literally puts its money where its mouth is.


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23 thoughts on “Socially Conscious Fashion Accessories”

  1. Bird and Stone has some really beautiful pieces. I would feel really good to support a company like this. I will have to pick out something for my birthday.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this company. I’m trying to do more of my shopping from socially conscious brands. Love all of the pieces you shared.

  3. I don’t shop often, well like ever, except for the necessities but when I do shop, I enjoy shopping smart like this. I love that you featured this line.

  4. These bracelets look lovely. I love the positive message in each of them. It is good to know that this company gives back to organizations to help fund their cause.

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