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Homemade Ice Cream Sundaes for Ice Cream Day

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With all the turmoil of this year, I’ve been looking for different ways to keep up my family’s spirits. We’ve always been an on-the-go family, so this year has been a bit difficult for us, especially the kids. Of course, we’re enjoying the extra family time, but there are some days when we get on each other’s nerves or the kids just wish they could go over to a friend’s house to hang out the way they used to. For the past few weeks, we’ve been camping out at my Moms house, and thank goodness for her backyard and pool. The kids and I are enjoying endless pool days, BBQ’ing, and of course ice cream for dessert everyday!

Homemade ice cream sundaes and other treats are the perfect way to celebrate Ice Cream Day which is just around the corner (July 19th)! That’s right, ice cream has its own day, and if you ask me, there’s no food more deserving. Ice cream is always a great treat, whether it’s in a bowl, on a cone, as a cake, or, my personal favorite, in a sundae. With Ice Cream Day just around the corner, I headed over to Stop & Shop to pick up some ice cream and ice cream novelties so the entire family can make homemade ice cream sundaes for this tastiest of food days.

I told the kids what I had planned a couple of days ago, and they’re already chomping at the bit to make their very own personalized sundaes. We have a Stop & Shop nearby, so I headed over to score everything I need for our sundae extravaganza.

Of course, we all know that Stop & Shop has great deals and so much variety, but they actually have ice cream on sale FOR Ice Cream Day. I snagged toppings like sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream, and of course cones! Then I let the kids pick out two flavors of Turkey Hill ice cream – cookies and cream, and Banana Split, so my family can make the most epic homemade ice cream sundaes ever.

I was in and out in no time, and I saved (like always). They have two great deals on ice cream right now that makes it the best time to stock up on some delicious treats for Ice Cream Day.

Right now, you can get SS Turkey Hill ice cream 48oz. and 14oz cartons of Haagen Dazs Ice Cream on sale at Stop and Shop! It’s a great deal on some of the best ice cream available. And for Ice Cream Day, shouldn’t we use the best?

I’m excited to celebrate Ice Cream Day on July 19th with my kiddies. And I love that I was able to get in and out of the store quickly, and save some money, too. If you want to celebrate Ice Cream Day, head over to Stop & Shop and take advantage of their ice cream sale right now. What are your favorite flavors?


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18 thoughts on “Homemade Ice Cream Sundaes for Ice Cream Day”

  1. Bright snow Loveland

    Hahah… Soo delicious. I love taking those ice cream especially when am watching movies…. Thanks

  2. Steven Morrissette

    Those homemade sundaes look really really good. I’m going to make some today it’s supposed to be really hot.

  3. Nothing like a delicious ice cream sundae on a hot day by the pool! Love how you and the kids are enjoying your time together.

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