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Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of year where we give thanks for all that we are blessed with. But it is also the time giving. Helping important causes is a great way to support a charitable organization! There truly are endless ways to help others this season and every season for that matter! As we approach the New Year, one of the best ways to help others in your community and on a national level is to give back in a meaningful way. I have found some amazing ways to make a positive impact at the end of the year and I am so excited to share them with all of you!

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Angel Tree

The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program has been around for over 40 years! There are families who are not able to get gifts for their children for the holidays and this organization helps families around Christmas time. As a sponsor, you would adopt an angel for the season and help gift them things like clothing, toys or gift cards to families who are in a tough financial position. It’s the magic of the holiday season and you can help make a child’s Christmas morning special!


Welcome Baby

There are over 4 million infants and toddlers who live in poverty. Welcome Baby is an organization that lends a helping hand to mothers with infants. They send boxes full of everything you would need to take care of a newborn for a month. This is a great opportunity to help families in need of supplies to help take care of their children.


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Celebrate With a Plate!

God’s Love We Deliver is cooking home cooked meals for an ill New Yorker and a loved one of theirs. Not only do they not have to spend the holiday alone, but they will have a nice meal! You can donate as much as you’d like, but $20 covers 2 people! It’s the perfect time to donate, as the holidays are here! If you aren’t able to commit to a great cause through donation, they are welcoming volunteers! Which is a fantastic way to give back to the local community. A little bit of kindness goes a very long way.



This amazing organization was created to help young women who have lost their mothers. Founder Cara lost her mother at a young age and had amazing support from close family and friends. Now she is making it her purpose to help other young girls who need the same support. They are working toward being more gender inclusive and they have tons of events and mentor programs across the nation and in the UK. You can help by volunteering, donating and spreading the word about the cause.


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GivingTuesday is a global movement that gives back every single Tuesday. It’s a way to do good each week. There are so many different ways you can give back to your community and help those in need in this world. The main ways you can lend a hand are through donation, volunteering and creating awareness.


Mental Health America

Mental health doesn’t always get the attention it needs. 46% of Americans meet the criteria to be diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lives. We can do so much more to help each other out and that begins with finding resources for help. Educating ourselves on the subject and finding programs to lead the best lives we can are essential. This organization helps with that!



We only get one planet to live on and we don’t take the best care of it. Earthworks works to eliminate gas mining and pollution. The fossil fuels are a part of the destruction that is taking place and disrupting our planet. A few things this organization does is helping to change industry practices and suggest new ones, fixing government policies, educating the media and so much more! Let’s help leave this planet in better condition for future generations to come!



Toy Donations

The Oz Moving and Storage team have created a way to easily find donation spots for toy drives in the NYC area! They made it incredibly simple to use and all you have to do is just look in your area on the map or from the list they provide below it. Check out their site to find a donation drop off location near you and lets come together to make more kids smile this holiday season!


Best Friends

Another cause that is near and dear to my heart is saving animals! They are such innocent, sweet creatures who deserve care and safety. This organization provides food, care, shelter and companionship to animals found on the streets. An easy way to give back this season is to find an organization you care about a lot. Look into your local animal shelter, local businesses and more to see how you can contribute to these charitable organizations to give some holiday spirit and hope. Give the gift of care this holiday season!


Planned Parenthood

We’re in a tough time where women’s rights to their own bodies are being taken away from them. I stand with women, always! And nobody should be able to tell us what to do with our bodies. Planned Parenthood is taking donations that will go towards reproduction rights and abortion access. A simple way to begin to get involved is to make a donation or find a volunteer event. It’s always a great time to take steps to fight for women’s rights.


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Doctors Without Borders

Finally, let’s chat about Doctors Without Borders. This fantastic organization helps to give medical care to those who are in need during crisis, all over the world! We are incredibly lucky to have the care that we have and being able to help others in countries who maybe don’t have great medical care is something we can do to help! A generous donation goes a very. long way and can help sick children around the world. These donations are being matched to help save lives! It’s the giving season and in uncertain times, giving spirit and the gift of health help is essential.


Room To Read

Room to Read has teamed up with Rebel Girls to encourage girl empowerment. They’ve created a book full of 25 stories all about courage and young women who have made a change in this world. This book is supported by their Girls Education Program and I truly believe every young woman needs to read this! Download the book and listen to the podcast. It makes a big impact and is a wonderful way to empower girls everywhere.


This post was originally published November 29th, 2022*

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