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Sleepless In The City

The sleeping situation in our house is less than conducive, and lately, n0 one has been sleeping. One might think that since our days are getting shorter, and it’s darkness lasting until almost 7 in the morning, that we would somehow get more sleep. Originally, I attributed just it to the crazy sleep patterns of the girls, but I am starting to feel that the tight quarters of our apartment is to blame. I sometimes wonder if we had a bigger apartment or house, we would all get more rest. At 18 months already, I feel that Gemma would be past this stage by now.

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It all started when we traveled to Nevis this summer, when Gemma kept waking in the middle of the night. Since we were in a hotel, I immediately put her our bed, because I did not want her to wake the big kids. Fast forward to today, and when it has become the norm and I continue to oblige because I know she will go back to sleep in my bed- which means sleep for me. And, in addition to all of the middle of the night stirring, she’s up for the day at 5am! I can’t win. If I don’t take her into our living room immediately give her some milk, and let her play, she will make a mad dash back into the bedroom and wake up Siella (or LaLa, as she likes to call her). It may be really sweet how she wants to play with her older sister, but it’s usually a recipe for disaster.


I’ve tried putting her to bed later, and putting her to sleep earlier, changing around her napping schedule, and nothing seems to keep her down the entire night. It could be teething, but this has been going on over four months now. And if I do get Gemma to go back to sleep, then Siella sometimes will be woken by a bad dream, and she will need soothing before getting calm enough to fall back to sleep.


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Jason has been traveling again, and this vicious sleep cycle, or lack of sleep cycle, is really getting to me. I’m downing cups of coffee to wake up, feeling sluggish throughout the day, and I have zero energy for a workout, because my brain is not functioning. Its been difficult to concentrate during the day, to get my many tasks completed, and most importantly, to be awake and present for the world going on around me. I hoped that after my recent trip to Mexico, I would feel refreshed and well rested, but every single night of being up all night has gotten the best of me. And, of course, while I was away, my mother told me that that were actually sleeping. What gives!

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All this said, I know we are in the thick of it now, but I know it will soon pass. Just the other day, I took Siella for a check up, and the doctor asked me if she still wakes up in the middle of the night. I looked at her a bit baffled, and thought she was talking about Gemma. It’s funny how quickly I forgot that Siella did the exact same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Sleepless In The City”

  1. Hang in there. This sounds like my exact same scenario two years ago and now i cannot wake them up for school. It’ll get better just make sure to take care of yourself.

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