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Halloween of ’14

The month of October was pretty eventful for our family. The activities we partake in like, pumpkin picking, apple picking, neighborhood parties leading up to actual Halloween day fill our schedule. Jason has been away for almost three weeks now but before he, I’m thankful we were able to squeeze in family time apple picking one weekend, and pumpkin picking the next at White Post Farms.




We’ve been going to this farm for the past three years now and it’s just great for kids. While they don’t offer apple picking, they do have tons of farm animals that the kids are able to feed, pony rides, and many other activities like corn mazes, hayrides, and live band shows.



Our neighborhood of Battery Park and Tribeca go all out for Halloween, I think more so than any other holiday. There are so many activities planned for the kids, there’s actually so much happening at the same time, we sometimes can’t do it all. Our building complex this year hosted a party the weekend prior to Halloween just for the residents. The kids were able to get their faces painted, play games, and they had a music band. Super cute.

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The next day, it was off to the Financial Center to see their annual festivities. I think it’s so great that the kids get to wear their costumes way more than one time and really get excited about Halloween. Although, I do sometimes feel like we celebrate for an entire month. I remember growing up we would put on our costume that day for school, come home and trick or treat door to door, and that was it.

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We’ve made it a tradition each year to visit a senior citizen home before we head out to trick-or-treat. The elderly folks get such a kick out of the kids costumes and they usually put on quite the production. Last year, they had a petting zoo for the kids complete with a kangaroo and alligator! I thought we would see the same for this year, but instead they hosted a huge dance party and also set up fun stations for kids with games, fortune telling, tattoos.

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Next it is off to Tribeca where we do all of our trick-or-treating. The retail stores and restaurants all participate and 100’s of neighborhood kiddies hit the streets. I get a kick out of trick or treating with my kids, because it’s so so different from when I was growing up where we would go house to house. I always said when Ryder was younger that I would bring him back to my old neighborhood for trick or treating, but have to admit NYC trick or treating is way better. And Tribeca, well NYC goes all out. All of the store fronts not only hand out candy, but the adults also get wine, free passes to gym, and even fried chicken (not kidding). If the weather happens to be cold and rainy, we always have the option of going apartment to apartment.

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After we walk the streets of Tribeca and everyone is on a sugar high, we head back to our apartment to visit some of our friends, and one floor in my building that they turn into the “Spooky Floor”. Each apartment on that floor go all out with crazy costumes, scary pop up monsters, I actually think it must be a requirement if you want to move on that floor, “must like Halloween and participate yearly”.

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Overall, it was a fun day had by all! They ate way too much candy and we donated the rest to our family dentist the following day in exchange for prizes.

Wonder what my kids will want to be next year!

xx Darth Vadar, The Genie, The Gypsy/Fortune Teller 

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