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Siella’s Ballet Class

It has been 8 months since Siella started taking ballet class at Downtown Dance Factory. I remember trying to enroll her the year prior, but being turned away due to the age requirement, so I can’t tell you my excitement for her to take this class. I’ve been taking photos of her class and posting them on my instagram account weekly, and these sweet pics have drummed up quite the audience so I felt the need to write this post and tell you all about it. The snapshots are simply Siella and her classmates inside this perfectly lit ballet studio. This class truly melts my heart, and everyone else who has peaked in through my lens. It’s filled with little beautiful souls practicing tiny dance moves, while giggling and being adorable two years old. To top it all off, they all wear the same white leotard uniform, making it more precious.

Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory

Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory

When you enroll your child in something they truly love, the feeling you get is just indescribable. Siella’s love for this class is bigger than words. She looks forward to it each week, and asks everyday if its her ballet day. I am amazed how much she has taken to this. It is also our one on one time as well. I make it a point to not schedule anything during our special time together. I think (or at least I hope!) that could another reason why she loves it so much.

Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory


Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory

The teacher, Ms. Vicky, is just so lovely with her students. Each week, she repeats the same songs and dance moves, so the girls have learned what to expect next. In addition to ballet, the class teaches the young ladies about cleaning up, following direction, and separating from parents. Tutu Tots, this class, will be the only time parents are allowed to sit in class. Once she moves on to 3 year old program, they will then be on their own. I truly cherish each class, because I know the opportunities to capture these moments are short lived.

Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory

Gemma sometimes makes an appearance in class, where she loves watching the dancers and even tries to participate as well. I hope when it is her time to take ballet, she will enjoy it just as much as her sister. Two of my closest friends daughters recently joined the class, and it has made each week that much more fun. Siella has made the sweetest little friends. Her birthday is next month, and she requested a ballet party. Yesterday afternoon, we sat looking through Pinterest for cake and decoration ideas. My wheels are already turning with ideas of different types of cake to bake her.

Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory


Siella’s love for ballet reminds me of when I was a young girl taking ballet. I still remember my pink square box ballet bag with the side opening for my shoes. I remember trips to the ballet shop, and wanting a leotard in every color. I can even remember my recitals, like they were yesterday. This year, Siella will only have a recital inside the classroom, but next year she will start to perform in larger settings, which will be so exciting. Kids have many hobbies that come and go as they grow, but I predict a long journey for her here, and hope she continues to follow her passion in this, and all her endeavors.


Toddler Ballet Class At Downtown Dance Factory


Follow along each week with the hashtag #siellasballetclass for the sweetest and cuteness class that I promise will melt your heart.

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10 thoughts on “Siella’s Ballet Class”

  1. Loove the photos! My daughter will be starting ballet in a few weeks and I am just as excited. I really think it teaches them lessons that they will carry with them as they grow older. I love the one with them all sitting on the wall. Seems like it should be blown up and made into a poster!

    1. Thank you so much Mimi. It really is such a special time each week and the fact that she absolutely loves it makes it that much better!

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      1. Hi Lisa! Sorry, I haven’t been keeping track of my blog and I thhugot it was set up to notify me when I received a comment. I believe I used my Nikon D300 with these close ups. I think I used my 85 for the close up portraits and probably around 2.8. Hope this helps and again sorry for the delay!

      2. the honor of being there to capture some of those great motmens. You may remember Aurelia from the engagement session I did of mom and dad (Natalie & JR) several months back. Natalie sent me an email a few months ago asking if I would – how could I say no? Mom, dad, http://ktuxrhobr.com [url=http://evpefakk.com]evpefakk[/url] [link=http://appdfhfj.com]appdfhfj[/link]

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