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The Self Esteem Project

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I’ve noticed more so than ever Siella and Gemma are becoming increasingly aware of the world around them..…physically, emotionally, socially. Their funky sense of style and quirky attitude are what makes them so amazing and special, I hope they stay this carefree and innocent, but most of all I hope they never feel embarrassed or self conscious to embrace their individuality.

Right now they are unaware of the posters and billboards plastered all around us with gender stereotypes and unattainable standards of beauty, they don’t understand how it is designed to make her feel insignificant and insecure. I know I can’t shield them from everything but what I can try to do is provide a solid foundation and arm them with the tools they need to be a strong, independent and powerful little females. The question is, how can I change the conversation for my girls so they grow up confident and proud and above all happy.


For more than 10 years dove has been helping young people with self-esteem education because they believe (as we all should) that no girl should be held back from reaching their full potential. I have always loved Dove and what they stand for but their real women campaign years ago really got me hooked. I’m a huge dove deodorant fan and the dry shampoo is one of my essentials now! I really loved those ads with the ladies of all shapes, colors and sizes in their undies. Dove is a champion for women and girls and that is why I am thrilled to partner with them to raise awareness for the Dove Self-Esteem Project.


According to a global study commissioned by Dove six out of ten girls opt out of important activities because they’re worried about the way they look. That number seems insane for me, but then I consider myself a strong and confident woman but I can definitely remember canceling or rescheduling meetings because I didn’t feel good about myself. And the worst ever, saying “I look fat“, which of course now as a mom of two young girls, will never ever ever say.

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I can’t imagine what young girls are feeling when the hurtful comments in school continue especially on social media; there is no escape. Kids can be cruel and as parents it is our responsibility to teach them the right ways to behave.




The Dove Self-Esteem Project’s mission is to help girls gain confidence and develop positive relationships with the way they look. Dove has amazing resources online for parents, teachers and youth leaders and mentors to hep them work with girls on developing confidence and be positive role models for them. Dove can help parents understand the impact of media and how to talk to girls about what they see and hear…there are also tips and advice to help you talk to your girls about growing up and body image. I feel lucky to have this wealth of knowledge just at the right time when my girls are young so I can start now teaching them to be mindful and aware of the world. And it is also important for Jason and I to teach Ryder how to respect and treat his sisters (and all girls) as equals.


I love the discussions Dove has sparked online, it’s one of the reasons that I always turn to them when I am looking for body wash and haircare while shopping at Rite Aid. I love what they stand for and super excited to be giving away 5 Dove tote bag filled with full-sized Dove products!

Head over to my IG platform and comment with your story about a time you or a friend had a negative experience on social media and let me know how you got through it. Use #SpeakBeautiful and you’ll be entered to win!

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13 thoughts on “The Self Esteem Project”

  1. What a great project – I’m for anything that helps encourage a child or an adult’s self-esteem. We spend so much time critiquing each other that we need to celebrate who we are!

  2. I love Dove’s message and their dedication to promoting self esteem and confidence in girls. So many girls need this.

  3. I certainly hope that I never made nasty remarks about someone’s appearance to them. I don’t think that I have, and I don’t want to hear them from anyone else either. That would really help young girls out, I think.

  4. There is no debating that Dove is a great company whether you’re a user or not. They have always been advocates for self-confidence and finding your inner beauty, this just adds to their greatness.

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