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Life Lately

With Veterans Day falling on a Friday this year, the kids had a three day weekend, and coming off the tumultous presidential election, the weekend was more than welcomed. As much as I wanted to escape the city, Ryder and Siella had soccer games on Saturday, which kept us grounded for the weekend.


Friday morning, I cooked a huge breakfast, and we hung around in our jammies, until the early afternoon. We finally ventured out for a little brunch with my good friend Julie and her daughter Emilia, who are like family to us. The kids call one another cousins and they really act like it. Even Ryder likes the time with his 20 month old “cousin”.


Saturday was a bit of a different story. We quickly rushed out for Siella’s soccer game, followed by Ryder’s overlapping match, and by the time they ended, it was late afternoon. Following an early dinner, we headed to see the new Trolls Movie. The day went by so fast!


For the last day of our weekend, we decided to head out to the Hamptons, for a few open houses as the house hunt continues. There is one potential house which I am completely stoked about, but I will not be saying a word about it yet, because I dont want to jinx it.
img_6432 img_6440 img_6495

Open houses ended early, so instead of rushing back home, we decided to enjoy the day. For lunch, we stopped at one of my favorite spots in Southampton, the Golden Pear.

After lunch on the kids request, it was off to see the ducks and playground at Agawam Park. They absolute love this park!


Ryder is a pro on the monkey bars, hanging upside down, and even moving across backwards. It seems like this past year his upper body strength has increased dramatically!


When Gemma wasn’t chasing the ducks away, she was going down this slide, like a 100 times. She had me cracking up the entire time.

img_6478 img_6465 img_6526

Siella has been perfecting her cartwheels, day in and day out. I can’t get over how amazing she’s become, and I am so proud of her. Gymnastics classes are definitely in her future the next coming months.

img_6517 img_6510

With trees everywhere, piles and piles of leaves were abundant and its like a childhood instinct to automatically jump in them. This spot was outside one of the homes we were looking at. At first I wasn’t sure if they should be throwing the leaves around in their front yards, but the pure joy on their faces was everything, so we just let them run wild.

img_5809Processed with Snapseed.

I didn’t think it mattered what time we got home, and after three hours of infuriating traffic, it was absolutely worth it! Oh how I love FALL!

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately”

  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful day! I love how happy your kids are in all these pictures! Where I live we don’t really get a lot of fall and I wish my child would be able to enjoy the leaves like they are.

  2. My kids love playing outside at the park. The leaves are an added bonus for having fun on things like the swings.

  3. Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. I enjoy bringing my girls to the park. They always have fun there. I also do love fall!

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