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Scoot your toot

It’s so great when we go out now Ryder only wants to ride his scooter which means I don’t need to take my double all the time. But, there are times when he gets exhausted and I’m pulling the scooter and pushing the stroller all at the same time. Argggh! Check out this adaptor Mountain Buggy has for their scooters and strollers. If you don’t have a mountain buggy no fret they are coming soon with attachments for the Bugaboo, Britax, Phil & Teds, BOB, and Easy Walker. This will help the “I can’t SCOOT anymore” situation.


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2 thoughts on “Scoot your toot”

  1. I need an attachment for S’s scooter on to MY scooter when she doesn’t want to scoot anymore and I get stuck with TWO scooters – and I’m walking. UGH. Can you find a product like that? xo – pam

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