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Savoring The Holiday Season

Spending time with family and friends is my favorite thing about the holidays. Everyday lives are so busy, so we rarely have time to just sit, and have a conversation. This is especially true for my neighborhood mama friends that I’ve made over my eight years as a mom. These relationships grew with the many playdates we’ve shared over the years, from the days of only having one child each. There were times we would see each other three or more times a week. I say it all the time, but I really miss those days when we all had free schedules, and we could really see one another. Now, most have multiple children, and their schedules are overrun with school, sports and activities and we might be able to meet for a coffee once a month.


I’ve been looking for a way to all get together this holiday season, because I feel its important to stay connected, despite our chaotic lives. With this in mind, I was excited when Marie Callender asked me to partner with them this holiday season in #TheDiningRoom, with an idea based on hosting my friends for a dinner party!


I’m sure you’re familiar with Marie Callender’s foods. They remind me of my childhood when we had our friends and family during the holidays. Marie Callender’s family opened their first pie and coffee shop in 1964. Her shop expanded into a chain—and into the meals and desserts found in markets and grocery stores all around, which is what my mother always purchased and still does today!  My absolute favorite is Marie’s Callender’s Dutch Apple Pie!


In NYC, most people don’t have dining rooms, so Marie Callender’s has partnered with celebrities Jennie Garth, Stacy London and Daphne Oz to create one of kind dining rooms for NYC-ers to enjoy. I will play host for my friends in one of these Marie Callender dining rooms next week. Invites were sent out and responses from my friends were absolutely amazing. Some commented on how they love Marie Callender, and couldn’t wait to indulge in some holiday cheer! I will share all about our experience next week. Looking so forward to seeing my girls! And if you guys are interesting in seeing these celebrity decorated dining rooms, there will be an open house on December 17th!

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9 thoughts on “Savoring The Holiday Season”

  1. This is such a good way to have a nice dinner party for the Holidays. I wish I had more time to spend with my friends.

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