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Saving Lives & Creating Hope with Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels

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Two years ago I had the opportunity to attend the Hope On Wheels Launch Event, held at the Jacob Davits Center, during the International Auto Show. The event was inspiring and moving, leaving quite the impression, as as result of Hyundai’s dedication to raising funds and awareness, for pediatric cancer. I was invited back to attend this year’s event, and couldn’t have been more thrilled.

The Hyundai Hope On Wheels organization has been funding innovative research, creating public awareness, stimulating social media conversation and serving as a thought leader for pediatric cancer since 1998. As a mother, who lost a childhood friend to pediatric cancer, this cause is close to my heart, so I will go to great lengths to help raise money towards finding a cure for such horrific disease.

Did you know each day 43 families in the United States find out that their child has cancer. Cancer’s impact on children can be devastating, but there is reason for hope. Now, thankfully more than 80% of children with cancer survive. And, with donations, member institutions of the Children’s Oncology Groups of America are working toward the day when no child ever dies from pediatric cancer. Children deserve to grow, learn and play in a world free of this disease.

In 2018, Hope on Wheels plans to donate $15 million to new pediatric cancer research, and generating more awareness. Last week, The Hope on Wheels Launch Event “Saving Lives & Creating Hope,” held at the 2018 International Auto Show, announced this year’s grant recipients and cancer surviving youth ambassadors, Elizabeth Blair (11 years old) and Carter Gates (12 years old). The event was hosted by awarding winning journalist and multimedia personality Soledad O’Brien, and featured special musical performances by Broadway’s Betsy Wolfe, Alton Fitzgerald White and the Broadway Youth Ensemble.

HHOW’s mission is to find a cure for childhood cancer one handprint at a time.

Join the movement to help end childhood cancer! More than 90 cents of every dollar donated will go directly to pediatric cancer research projects. Click here for more information.

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8 thoughts on “Saving Lives & Creating Hope with Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels”

  1. I love this cause! I love that it’s a continuing partnership between Hyundai and Hope on Wheels, dedicating funds for pediatric cancer.

  2. Melissa Chapman

    This is such agreat cause and I am so glad to know Hyundai is giving back in a big way. I would buy one of their cars to help them support this.

  3. I really hope that with companies like Hyundai taking an initiative to raise funds, we can find a cure of childhood cancers very soon. No child should ever have to battle such a horrible disease!

  4. It’s great that they’re contributing to such a good cause. It’s hard to see cancer in anyone, especially in the little ones.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is such a great campaign worth sharing with everyone! I do my best to donate and help cancer research, especially pediatric cancer. I have a number of family members whom I lost to this horrible disease, including my 10 year old cousin who died from Leukemia.

  6. I love this initiative! I love that it’s a continuing partnership between Hyundai and Hope on Wheels! Such a great cause!

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