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Spring Steppin’

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“This post is sponsored by Zappos. Thank you for supporting SITC”

There is nothing more that I love than sunshine and warm days in New York City. It’s something we learn to appreciate, living in a climate with multiple seasons. Our winters are harsh, but spring, summer, and fall always make up for it. I get pretty giddy when the seasons start to change, not only because I enjoy the shift in weather, but our wardrobes and schedules typically rotate as well. It’s a whole new start, at four separate times during the year, and I honestly don’t think I would be content anywhere the weather remained consistent all year round.

Clarks Shoes For Men And WomenThe words stylish, quality, fashionable, and comfort are all essential when it comes to my wardrobe; and this holds true for my kids and husband alike. We are on the go constantly, so we need pieces that will allow us to move easily while looking on-trend at the same time, especially when it comes to shoes! My days of walking in heels are long gone. In fact, I actually cringe at the thought of wearing them now.Clarks Shoes For Men And WomenZappos has been a great resource for my entire family for shoes, as well as clothing. With fast free shipping, and a 365-day return policy, they couldn’t be more convenient for a busy family. Whether Ryder needs new soccer gear, or we need some gloves for ski trip, Zappos always comes to the rescue.Clarks Shoes For Men And WomenMy newest find from Zappos are these shoes by Clarks for Jason and I. The Petrina Gail comfortable espadrille is ideal for warm weather adventures, and available in a variety of colors. The 2 1/4 inch wedge is supported by a cushioned footbed making it feel as though I have slippers on. They are definitely getting packed for my work trip to Mexico, at the end of the month. For Jason, I found these Clarks Desert Crosby lace-up shoe in midnight suede. He is always on the hunt for footwear to withstand long hours on set, and these seemed perfect! The soft leather and cushion support should do the trick.

Clarks Shoes For Men And WomenClarks continues its mission to deliver perfection with an array of styles for every occasion, with prioritizing comfort so that you don’t need to compromise style for happy feet!

Clarks Shoes For Men And WomenSuper excited about our new kicks! Now, let’s just hope the weather changes, and it starts to feel like spring!

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13 thoughts on “Spring Steppin’”

  1. Zappos is totally my go to for shoes!! I love their Styles and this spring, I’m getting new sandals from Zappos!

  2. Melissa Chapman

    Those espadrilles look great on you and the suede shoes for him look so comfortable i have got to start using Zappos. I can’t wait for the warm weather to finally get here.

  3. I’ve never shopped at Zappos. I need to give them a good look and order something. The shoes look comfy.

  4. I’ve heard of Zappos, but haven’t shopped there before! Looks like they have some cute and comfy shoes!

  5. Super cute shoes! Love the wedge. I need to check out Zappos more often, I often forget about their site but I know they have great stuff.

  6. I love Clarks. They are so stylish and comfy which is important. Zappos has so many great looks for spring and summer. I think my show wardrobe needs a refresh!

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