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I received a Boppy Feeding & Infant Support Pillow as a gift when I had Ryder. I didn’t register for it and I wasn’t sure I even needed it. I figured that I could just hold him while he nursed or use a bed pillow if I wanted to rest him on something. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize how exhausting the nursing schedule would be, every 2-3 hours, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the intense muscle soreness and pain I would feel after holding my tiny baby throughout the night and day. You don’t realize how much strain you put on your body when you breastfeed or bottle-feed. You’re shifting to get the latch right or contorting your body to position your baby properly so they can safely swallow.


Feeding time for newborns and infants can be physically taxing on all parents so it is important to find ways to ease the burden. Aside from sleep deprivation and muscle pain from feeding their wee-ones in hunched positions, it is emotionally stressful handling a teeny tiny newborn. The Boppy Pillow gives moms and dads (and even little siblings) the support they need to confidently hold a tiny baby. Anytime Ryder or Siella wanted to hold their baby sister, I would slip the Boppy on their lap.


The Original Boppy Feeding and Support Pillow has been around for over 25 years and it is perfectly designed to hug your body and support your baby in an ergonomic position for feeding. It is easy to adjust while you’re holding a crying baby and since it doesn’t strap to your body you can quickly shimmy it off to transport a sleeping newborn to the crib. It can also be used for activities outside of feeding, like propping, tummy time and sitting support for your newborn or infant.


Another great feature is that the Boppy Pillows and slipcovers are machine-washable so there is never a worry about milk spills or spit up. Plus, the slipcovers come in an assortment of colors, prints and fabrics available directly from Boppy or other retailers, so you can switch it up.

Elephant Love nbl top - c 2015

When expectant mothers ask me what they should register for, The Boppy pillow is an essential and I always recommend. There is also a fantastic and functional Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillow that is designed with a recessed interior so you can plop your newborn on it and interact with them face-to-face while they kick and coo. The lounger is made of a wipeable fabric so you can always keep it clean. This is another great item to have so you can give your back a rest and enjoy your baby’s awake time, without having to hold them.

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