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Refresh, Renew

With  a practically full time job, three small children, and a husband who travels frequently, its safe to say that I usually put my needs on the back burner. When this year began, I promised myself that I would make a effort to carve out more time for myself, reintroduce a regular exercise routine, and enjoy more date nights with Jason. I’ve started taking classes at Soul Cycle again, and it feels incredible. Those 45 minutes sessions twice a week, allow me to completely focus on myself without interruptions, and it’s worked wonders for me.

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My new workout routine is great, but there are still more things that I need to accomplish. I have been desperate for a hair cut, but I just cannot seem to find the time to make it to the salon. And, I recently was going through my makeup bag, and realized that I couldn’t remember the last time, I actually purchased a new lipstick for myself. Since I’m on this refresh, renew kick, I dumped all of my old makeup, and decided to buy some much needed and new makeup essentials over the weekend. Jason and I were going to dinner that night, so it was the perfect excuse for the splurge.

I brought the girls along to help pick out some of the fun new colors from Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick and Lip Lacquer. They’re always rummaging through my makeup bag, so it was fun to let them pick and choose some of the colors; and of course, we tried a little on them as well. Since I tend to go for a more natural look with lipstick, I am a huge fan of the Lip Lacquers, because the wax-free gel provides a lighter texture on the lips versus traditional lipsticks. Another product that I just discovered is Revlon’s Photoready Face Collection, which hide the unwanted dark circles under my eyes.




It’s amazing how a new set of makeup will make you feel, and just how great you can look for your much needed night out with the hubby!

From March 15 to March 21 Revlon Ultra HD deals will be available only at Walgreens:

o Hot price offers on Ultra HD ($6.99) and Photoready Face ($9.99)

o Buy any 2 items, get a FREE Marchesa mirror

o $1-off coupons available in-store for any Photoready Face purchase


Thank you Revlon for sponsoring this post. #RevlonMustHaves

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4 thoughts on “Refresh, Renew”

  1. The way we dealt with getting haircuts is I found a salon that would let me take the kids while I got my hair done. A couple of years later, I don’t take all 3 kids anymore, but only my daughter, who happily plays while my hair gets highlighted and styled. It’s my time and I had to find a way to make it happen (I don’t have good hair).

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