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Reflections & Promises For 2016

Every year between Christmas and New Years, we head out east, to the Hamptons. It’s a tradition we started eight years ago, and no matter how busy or crazy things get during the holiday time, we always have that week to look forward to. Sometimes we rent, and other times we stay at friends homes, if they happened to be traveling during that time. I have such an appreciation for this part of Long Island, and I especially love it during these quieter months when you can experience the peace and beauty. I’ve found this time ideal for reflecting on the past year, and making plans for the future.


Our place this year was in Southampton, which was close to friends who live there year round. We rarely make any plans while we are out there, just lounging around and enjoying the more space than our city digs. December was an insanely busy month work wise for both Jason and I, so it was a dream to unplug for a few days. This is something that I have come to realize that I need to do more of. Unplugging is key. New Years Resolution #1!


We even looked at houses to buy while we were there. This was a New Years goal that we had set for last year, and with our busy schedules, we just couldn’t find the time to pursue it. I am hoping this year that we find our second home, which could serve as a weekend retreat, and summers filled with entertaining. New Years Resolution #2!


New Years Eve started off with our annual walk on the beach. It was on the chilly side, but armed with  our New Year’s streamers and noise makers, we still enjoyed it. This was nice touch for the kids, since they rarely stay up to see the ball drop. Our plans for the evening were to go to dinner with friends, but our local sitter flaked last minute. Ironically, it worked out best, as we enjoyed pizza, popcorn and movie night with the kids while we popped sparkling cider. Who can ask for a better night!

2016 was off the a great start, until New Years Day. As we were sitting down with our morning coffee, Gemma slipped on the carpet, smashing her forehead on the corner of the wooden coffee table. Watching it unfold in front of our eyes was horrifying, but considering it could have been her eye, instead of her forehead, I guess we were fortunate. She required tons of stitches from a plastic surgeon and we were lucky that Southampton Hospital had one on call for the holiday. He was so incredible with Gemma, making her laugh and feel comfortable, before getting into his handy work. This whole experience just shook me to my core as I couldn’t help but flashback to July 4th, when Siella required stitches on her eyebrow. Gemma has now joined her brother and sister in the stitches club. Can we make no more stitches New Years Resolution #3?


Overall, she was such a trooper during the majority of the process, but she definitely started to unravel as time for wore on. Her loud sobs and cries eventually resulted in her passing out from the stress, and the doctor said her cut was so deep that he actually stopped counting how many stitches he used, for the three layer laceration. Within two hours of the procedure, she acted as if nothing had ever happened, but it left both Jason and I having aged at least five years.


As I look back at our 2015, I really wouldn’t change a thing. It was an incredible year for all of us, less the few bumps and scrapes along the way. We traveled constantly to places like California, St. Barths, Disney, Antigua and we plan to continue this family travel obsession. Traveling allows us to spend uninterrupted time with one another, which makes us all so happy.

We will definitely be staying in NYC, with no plans to move to the west coast, although the majority of Jason’s career is spent out there. We’ve been making it work, and he comes home on weekends much more often. As I look ahead, I really can say I hope things continue the way they do for us, as I feel extremely blessed and fortunate right now for our friends and family close to us.


I hope that Ryder continues making leaps and bounds when it comes to his learning disabilities. This year, he has been so eager to try harder, way more independent, and his determination was evident in the progress he made over the last 12 months. I can’t say it isn’t a battle to get him to buckle down sometime, but I’m certain he will continue to mature and work his hardest.


In June, Siella will be turning 5, and starting kindergarten in September. For the first time ever, she and Ryder will attend the same school. They are excited for this change, and it sure will be nice having one less stop during pickups and drop offs. I hope Siella’s love for learning remains constant, while her sassy personality and uber mature behaviors continues to floor everyone she meets.


In no time, Gemma’s forehead will be healed, and her tough nature will grow even more. She starts pre school this month, which will only help that growth. And naturally, I hope she will continue to be the comedienne of our family.

IMG_8323IMG_8202 IMG_8198

Their sibling bond has continued to grow, and watching their different personalities evolve, so they can interact with one another the way they do is something I cherish. Even watching as the bigs cared for their baby sister when she fell, and talk to her and tell her what to expect was definitely something special.

IMG_8394 IMG_8415

Here’s to 2016, it may have started out a bit rocky for us, but I know it will be a wonderful one! Here’s to health, happiness, bliss, love, and most importantly PEACE!

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