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10 Lip Products We Can’t Get Enough Of

Is it just me or is it feeling like lip products are very on trend at the moment? I have been loving seeing all of the lip stain and lipsticks that have been coming out. But in the summer, my lips need more hydration. Lip glosses and tinted lip balm options are what I have been obsessed with lately. These products tend to have ingredients like vitamin e, jojoba oil, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and even provide sun protection for dry lips. Lip masks are great for overnight, but I need something that works for sensitive skin and everyday use to pop on when I’m feeling like I need a little extra something for my lips. If it has color payoff and a glossy finish, that’s even better! These are our top 10 lip products we can’t get enough of.

top lip products

Lip Products as Skincare

Firstly, when we think of skincare, we often forget that lips can and should be included in that. For this, I enjoy lip masks because they are thicker and provide peptides typically. They’re incredibly nourishing and are great for lip lines that can come from dehydration. Just like we do an overnight hair treatment, we should be doing lip treatments or masks at the end of the day. I love that these are full of moisturizing ingredients and they all have such a buttery formula. If I had to pick a category, this would be my best overall pick because of the restorative nature of these products.

top lip products

top lip products

Lip Oil

Lip oils are all the rage these days. They are a step up from lip gloss and these were exactly what we needed last summer. They’re not sticky so your hair won’t get stuck in it from the wind and they are actually nourishing. I love that they are more than a clear gloss, but have color payoff. These are great to wear with a lip liner, too for a fuller lip look. Summer Fridays makes my favorite one and they have a few shades to choose from. That sheer tint with the shiny finish and hydrating oil lasts a long time. If you are looking for something new to try out, these are some of the best products on the market. Trust me, you’ll throw your favorite lipsticks away and these will bump up to first place. I love love love them!

top lip products

top lip products

Glossy Lip Balms

Finally, the perfect lip balm does exist. Formulas over the past year have gotten to be really good. There’s nothing I love more than a creamy formula that doesn’t irritate the skin around my lips as it moves throughout the day. Personally, I think these are the easiest to toss in a bag and run out of the house. They make tinted options to go with your makeup look or add a bit more color to a clean makeup look. Good lip balms come at all price points, so don’t think the more expensive one’s are the only option here. With dupes and similar formulas, you can find a great glossy lip balm at the price point you need. Kosas is a cult favorite, especially with the tinted options they have. If these have SPF, it’s even better!

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Rose Balm // Glow Oil // Tinted Chapstick with SPF // Overnight Mask // Lip Smoothie // Shimmer Oil // Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter // Peptide Lip Treatment // Lip Butter // Lip Balm

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