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Pumpkin Painting for Halloween

With Halloween just one week away, I’m feeling like we need some last minute crafts and inspiration for the end of Halloween season! Time is somehow moving so quickly, this month really flew! I know it’s pumpkin carving is Halloween tradition, but that is something that is more difficult to do and sharp objects are involved. So why not try painting pumpkins instead! Here are some intricate designs, pumpkin decorating and pumpkin crafts for the entire family to do this time of the year!



The perfect pumpkin does not actually exist. So never stress about going to paint pumpkins. First, you’ll want to get your hands on real pumpkins or fake pumpkins- they could be mini pumpkins, a large pumpkin or smaller pumpkin. It’s all up to you and your artistic skills and the cute ideas you have prepared. A common paint design idea are spider webs, a pumpkin face or just a solid painted pumpkin. Some people like to paint a white pumpkin for a more neutral design. But You can also try taking black paint and using that as a solid color in the Halloween theme. What I’ve been loving is the polka dots and cute shapes people have been painting. Bright colors, straight lines or even using black spray paint are all easy ideas, as well. Pick a color palette and go from there! You can even seal it in with mod podge, which would be especially great for fake pumpkins, to make them last longer.



The paint will make or break your design. I recommend using a paint pen for smaller and more detailed design ideas. Painter’s tape will also help with certain designs. Don’t be afraid to take a little break and wait for paint to dry before proceeding. Honestly, metallic paint seems like a trend that is super cool. A silver or gold pumpkin?! Yes, please! A steady hand would help, but as this is a fun activity you can do with your kids, just worry about having fun! Create great family memories and have a blast with this craft. Additionally, chalkboard paint is a really cool concept because you can take chalk and write spooky messages or decorate it with the chalk.



When it comes to a craft pumpkin idea, the world is your oyster. You can stick with one specific aesthetic or make them all different. Traditional Halloween vs neutral vs trendy. What are you feeling this year? Some people like neutrals and so white pumpkins with acrylic paint can achieve that style. Choosing all neutral paint colors or even using chalk paint will give a unique look. These easy pumpkin painting ideas are a great way to decorate your home in an aesthetic way. For instance, taking a beige in different shades is an easy way to add neutral Halloween decor to your space.



Finally, creative pumpkin painting ideas are always more fun! The easiest way to occupy your kids in creative ways this month are to take little pumpkins and head to the local craft store for the best paint and fun extras such as cotton balls or tulle. Here are some photos I’ve found that I am using as inspiration for our front porch pumpkins this year! While a lot of these are available for purchase as is, they are easy to recreate yourself. Let me know which is your favorite!


Stars and Words

Dipped Paint


Monster Faces


Gold and Stripes

Hocus Pocus

Candy Corn






This post was originally published October 24th, 2022*

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