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The Hats We Are Obsessed with this Fall

We are deep into fall now and one thing I enjoy is accessorizing. I love finding the best fall hats to accessorize my outfits with, and what better season, than fall to do find new hats? There are a plethora of styles of hats and I get it’s a personal thing, like sunglasses! They are an accessory that can shape your face and you want to feel your best. Moreover, if you’re having a bad hair day, it’s the perfect way to hide it and rock fashion trends. With holiday photos underway this next month, it’s been the perfect time to shop for a hat collection. These hats are at every price point from knit beanies to ear warmers and wide-brim hats, here is every hat to shop for your favorite hat person!



Firstly, as a hat girl, I know a really great option will your personal style! Find one that accentuates your face shape and keep it to as many styles as you like. A fashionable hat can also be statement hats. They are a fun way to accessorize as we enter the winter season and you can even find one with an adjustable band. Wool fedoras and a rancher hat are the top styles for fall. While cute caps and the beret trend are a completely different look so you’ll want to do what you feel is the most flattering. There are some great resources online for looking into your face shape and which silhouettes will accentuate your best features.



Secondly, you know how I am with versatility. Having a piece like this in your closet that you can wear year after year is a great idea. I love a hat that matches everything too because they tend to be on the pricier end and being able to get the utmost use out of it is something that is incredibly important to me. Most of them are a classic silhouette but different colors. Gigi Pip makes some of the most versatile hats and they work for a casual outfit and are easily dressed up in the simplest way. Fall fits can be completed with any hat brands and styles. A wool hat will be the most wearable for most of the year, but a beret might be a better fit if you have a smaller noggin.




Finally, we are going to see so many fabrics this season and the more the better! Not only do they add texture to the look, but they also can add warmth. For instance, wool is great for chilly autumn days. While the teddy trend or a fuzzy hair accessory is going to be outfit inspiration through the end of the year. The next time you go shopping for a hat, think about what you want from it. Is it for fall and winter warmth? To add texture and spice up the perfect fit? Wool will always be a fall classic but there is room for all the latest trends!


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Firstly, I am a major fan of this brand! The quality is always worth the price and they last forever!
Secondly, felt is a fabric that is sure to keep you warmer as the temperature drops. It looks great with everything and is so soft.
Thirdly, if you’re gonna go with a beanie, go for comfort! Cashmere is so luxurious and this hat is going to be a go-to for you through the end of the year.
I love Eugenia Kim! This is a hat that is never going to go out of style and the detail on it makes it so easy to dress up.
This is calling my name! Not only is it Barbie pink, but it’s so warm! I want to pack this up and run to Paris!
Moreover, this may be one for the teens, but it’s very on trend! Bucket hats are everywhere and this one works so well for fall and winter.
The best part about this hat is that it’s packable! Finding an option that is easy to put in a suitcase and not ruin is tough, so this is perfect.
If you’re unfamiliar with balaclavas, they are essentially a scarf attached to a hat. So these can be worn all day and then you put the hood up for ear and head warmth!
The iconic Gigi Pip! This hat has such cool coloring and I can picture it being worn through March!
Furthermore, I’m including this with the hats because it covers so much of the head that it’s basically a hat! You can find it in a few colors for the season.
Boucle is so on trend! I love the texture on this hat and it’s neutral so it works for every fall outfit.
Finally, I’m finishing off with a pretty pink hat! It’s warm for the season and adds the perfect amount of color to any look.

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