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12 of the Sweetest Easter Baskets of the Season

Easter Sunday always sneaks up on us. With the groundhog announcing spring, Easter gift baskets are on my mind! I love all things Easter: Easter candy, the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, sweet treats, the perfect Easter basket, Easter egg hunts and so much more! I actually like to use the wicker basket as a table centerpiece for the spring, full of flowers. If you’re hosting Easter, you can fill it with marshmallow peeps and delicious treats. For the kids, I love to go for extra-large Easter baskets because they can fit more things than just Easter treats.

Moreover, I’m a classic Easter basket kind of girl sticking to the traditional wicker material, but the options today are endless and when it comes to shopping for each family member, it’s fun to go for the personalized Easter basket options. For example, I have older kids, so the holiday looks a little bit different than when they were little, but Easter morning is always a special day for kids of all ages.

Here are my top Easter basket choices for for this Easter holiday season!

kids easter baskets

Pick a Size

Firstly, I tend to go for the larger baskets because my kids aren’t too excited about just some delicious chocolate anymore. They are a bit older so we do more than cadbury mini eggs and chocolate-covered pretzels. A better way to stuff Easter baskets for your teens and tweens are to pick out summer and spring break related items, such as flip flops, travel pouches, towels and bathing suits. We go for things the kids will use the next two seasons! They are practical items and would be a great idea for a college student, as well.

kids easter baskets

It doesn’t need to be all practical, we like a little fun, as well! For example, pick out a cute stuffed animal, some crafts, books, nail polish or even hats. Obviously the sweet tooth options can be more fun and traditional, but I want you to keep in mind that it doesn’t have to just include candy. Furthermore, if you have little kids, I recommend you go for the smaller adorable little wire baskets so they can carry them while they hunt for Easter eggs!

kids easter baskets

Material Choice

Secondly, traditional Easter baskets tend to be wicker or wire. I find it so cool that there are so many options on the market for the perfect Easter gift basket. They don’t get one use, kids can use them to hold their toys, go on picnics, etc. And I think that’s what the best part is. Henceforth, they are all so different. Recently, I’ve had my eye on those felt or soft material baskets for the Easter season. These work great for Easter egg hunts to gather plastic eggs. A few other choices are rustic Easter baskets, foam, a plush bunny design and even cord material. Specifically, the perfect place to shop for a sweet basket is Pottery Barn Kids. They just have so many options, that I find myself always checking there first.

kids easter baskets

Personalization Them

Finally, personalization is always so special. It’s not just putting a name on a basket, though. This could be several different things such as monogramming, basket liners, colorways and more! For us, we like to monogram liners so the kids know which basket is theirs and they are reusable so they can fit on pretty much any basket. It’s a great addition to make the day feel a bit more special for Easter celebrations and also makes the kids feel seen, since they all have different personalities. A touch of personalization goes a long way. Keep an eye out for my blog post coming out soon all about basket stuffer ideas!

easter baskets

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kids easter baskets

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kids easter baskets
kids easter baskets

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