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Our Top Beach Coolers of the Season

We can’t do summer without pounds of ice in coolers. It’s essential to keep cool and hydrated with everything we do outside because the heat is at an all time high this season! From a cooler bag to the best soft coolers and hard-sided coolers, it’s incredibly overwhelming. We’re here to help you decide where to begin with the best beach coolers. You can opt for hard coolers, which are usually heavier, but they do tend to work a little better in terms of keeping your items cool. This is because there’s so much to the technology behind them to ensure they are working their best and for a long time. The cloth insulated coolers are a lot easier to carry if you have a lot packed already and have a far walk. Moreover, an insulated cup is key for hydration. The bigger, the better because you don’t have to worry about running out!

These are our favorite coolers with high insulation performance!

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How to Shop

Firstly, the best coolers are completely up to what you need them for. Consider a camping or road trip cooler, built-in bottle opener for parties, shoulder strap for easy travel and a backpack cooler. For instance, beach days are a popular activity for us! Finding the best soft cooler to run in the sand with is a great option for us. If you have a big group, you will want to go for a larger cooler. These are harder to carry distances, but trust me, they are totally worth it!

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Moreover, backyard barbecues are another fun activity for long days. With the summer heat, a reliable cooler that can store not just beverages like cold water but food items is a necessity! For these, we like a wheeling cooler because it can go anywhere in the yard or on the patio and fit a lot of drinks. Plenty of ice needs to be able to fit in there, as well. An ice retention test is always a great way to determine if a cooler can withstand warm weather and keep cold drinks cool.

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Shop by Size

Secondly, size is everything! It’s all about what you are using the cooler for. A compact cooler if you live in the city is something you might want to consider. Are you walking long distances to get a good spot at the beach? A soft backpack cooler might be a great choice then because it’s light weight. While a lightweight cooler is easy to walk around with, they normally don’t have too much space inside. If you have a smaller group and only need to keep a few drinks ice cold, this is a lightweight option that will work. Better results don’t always just come with a large cooler, but the quality is essential.

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A cooler backpack is something that is light weight but also large enough to hold lunch and ice packs. Long trips to the beach require a bit larger cooler and hard shells can withstand the heat longer under direct sunlight. A large capacity cooler will either be hard sided or even a Yeti Hopper can work here because it fits a lot! If you’re spending time all day at the beach, think about everything you might need to fit. Less insulation means a smaller bag and the important things are staying hydrated here. Our top pick is typically a soft sided cooler for the beach because of how easy it is to carry!

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Shop by Price Point

Finally, a good cooler doesn’t necessarily need to cost a ton of money. We have found options from Target that work just fine! Although a cheap cooler is something that can be a quick fix for the day in a small size but the quality won’t withstand hours outside. Expensive coolers don’t ultimately mean that they are automatically a heavy-duty cooler. I will say they normally are better quality for insulation purposes. When it comes to comparing cheaper coolers to something like a hydro flask, or yeti roadie, you’ll want to splurge for beach coolers. If you are a family that loves your time outside in the summers, invest in a good cooler. But if you are occasionally out and about, go for a good deal here and keep it handy!

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beach coolers

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