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Our Top Attractions in NYC this Month

One of the best things about New York City is that there is so much more than the tourist attractions. annual events, pop ups and new experiences are all a few of my favorite things about the big apple. While there are many of the best free things, like seeing great views of the city on the high line or enjoying live music at the park, there are also some brand new and very cool attractions to see that are here for a limited time. While I recommend doing all the things like visiting an observation deck, see the Statue of Liberty or head to popular attractions like Grand Central, I think it’s always great to try new things. See a brand new Broadway show, a museum exhibit or head to a pop up. These are our top attractions to check out in NYC this month!

Bridgerton Experience

If you’re a fan of the Bridgerton series-both the book and show, you must attend this experience! It’s a ball where you can experience the world of Bridgerton. There is a live performance, music, specialty cocktails and more! Tickets are available now for this 90 minute immersive experience and come dressed in your best ball look! You’ll want to dress in your best look for this and it won’t be here that much longer, so you will want to do this while you still can!

NYC Helicopter Tour

​Forget the observation decks, if you want to see the best views in town, you really can’t beat a helicopter tour of the city! It’s one of the most fun things to do and a once in a lifetime experience. While there are so many different places you can book at, Giftory is one of the easiest sites to use, so I like to book on there! And the prices are anywhere from $250-$800, so under a thousand for breathtaking views and an amazing experience!

Spend the day at the Bronx Zoo

The girls and I recently spent the day at the Bronx Zoo and we honestly could’ve spent a week there and still not seen everything! They have all the main attractions when it comes to animals. You can split the visits up by area so focus on one thing and come back again for another. The girls loved feeding the birds! They had an entire section with beautiful birds where you could feed them yourself! It’s family friendly and will keep your kids entertained all day! Use my code: STROLLERINTHECITY for 10% off admission through the 14th this month!

Watch the Fireworks on the Fourth of July

If you’ll be in the city for the Fourth, you’ll want to go near the Hudson River or East River for some stunning fireworks! I recently wrote a post all about everything to do in the city for the Fourth of July, so I’ll add that in here!

Roller Skate at Flippers

Another really fun thing the girls and I have been doing is going roller skating! Right near Rockefeller Plaza, is a roller rink called Flippers that is here for the summer! It’s a great way to get some skating practice in and is incredibly family friendly, so it makes for a great weekend plan! The music is amazing and the rink is one of the best in the city!

Go to Shakespeare in the Park

If you’re a Shakespeare fan, I think this is one of the more popular attractions we have in the summers! And even if you’re not a huge theatre person, it is a great experience to go see one of these shows. I promise you can still understand the entire show if you aren’t familiar with the language, which is an amazing thing about theatre. Also, it’s free tickets, you just have to make sure to grab them before going! The Public Theater puts it on every summer and sometimes they change the setting of the plays, so it could take place in present day, for instance. It’s been going on for over 60 years, so this is a great year to go! Hamlet is running through August 6th.

Spot the Manhattanhenge

Speaking of free events, this is probably the most free thing this month! The Manhattanhenge is also called the Manhattan Solstice. Basically, the sun lines up with the East/West streets and forms a main street grid. It’s truly one of the most stunning sights to see and I am blown away year after year at how amazing this planet is. This is happening July 12th-13th, so mark your calendars!

Attend Smorgasburg

Foodies, this one is for you! Smorgasburg is the largest open air food market in NYC! With locations in Brooklyn Manhattan and Jersey City, there’s plenty of opportunity to find a spot close to you to check out! They have everything from BBQ to sandwiches to cookies and back! It’s also a really fun place to bring your kids to try out new bites! Take a look at their site for vendors and hours!

Van Gogh’s Cypresses Exhibit

New event alert! If you are a Vincent Van Gogh fan or are newer to the art world, this is something you will not want to miss! The iconic MET has an exhibit much larger than Starry Night. It is first come, first serve and actually focuses on the trees in his art work, which is one of the most special events, because it’s a first!


Some of us are not great at pickle ball and need a bit of practice! Luckily, CityPickle is here with courts for you to get your pickle ball on at! This is also a great place to learn how to play if it’s your first time on the court. New Yorkers need some time to be active or we go crazy indoors, so this is skipping a tourist attraction and doing what the locals do in one of the best ways.

Earth Poetica Sculpture

This is something I’m really excited to share because it’s a sculpture made entirely out of recycled materials! Located in lower Manhattan at the World Trade Center, you can see this sculpture all summer and marvel at it’s amazement!

Kaleidoscope Infinity Room

If you want to check out an experience as an art lover or someone who simply wants to witness something incredible, put this on your list! Yayoi Kusama created a new gallery exhibit in Chelsea that makes you feel as if you are inside a kaleidoscope. And don’t worry, it’s not a dizzy feeling, just some amazing shapes and colors!

Summer Stage

The Summer Stage Festival is put on by The City Parks Foundation. They partner with Capital One to bring live performances to the city. It’s actually a really cool festival, they have every genre you can imagine. It’s the largest, most accessible, free admission outdoor festival in NYC! Something cool they do is sometimes there are free digital performances you can view. You’ll want to check them out this summer!

TSQ Live

Times Square Live is here! Each year, there are several hundred performers, artists and culture icons to share their artistic creations with the world. With over 80 free events to attend with DJ’s, live music, performances and more, this is one of the best free events in the city this summer! Bring your friends!

Bryant Park Performances

What’s better than live music in one of the best places? Bryant Park has a series of Picnic Performances, where you can go on the lawn and lay out your blankets and have a picnic while watching the arts come to life. The season has already begun and the lineup is one you will not want to miss! It’s like an outdoor concert in the city. There are dance performances, the NYC Opera will be singing, emerging artists will appear, Carnegie Hall music and so much more! This is all going on through September, so it’ll be a summer full of fun outdoor activities!

Pier 17 Concerts

Pier 17 is also hosting some fantastic concerts this summer. Not only are the performances phenomenal, but you’ll also get some of the best views in town! With live music performances from artists like Bryson Tiller, T-Pain, Carlie Rae Jepson and more, you can count me in! Seaport also has a ton of great spots to grab drinks or a bite to eat beforehand.

Summer Flicks on the Beach

Who doesn’t love to watch movies?! Coney Island actually offers outdoor movie showings in the summers, which is great because it’s cooled down by night time and you can bring your own snacks and drinks. They have free screenings July 29th-August 26th, so be sure to stay up to date on their schedule online! I’d have to say it’s a great date night.

For more NYC things to do, visit here!

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