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40+ Items in Our Amazon Cart this Month

I get a great deal of excitement when I log into my Amazon account. The prices and quick shipping on top-selling items win a good review from me! Summer is the perfect time to shop on Amazon, not just for prime day deals, but for the changing seasons. Now that it’s summer, we have to stock up on pool and beach items. Prime Day is a few days away and that will be a whole other list we will be gathering together but as far as summer fun goes, I have pulled together the best list of items ranging from fashion to beach to home. Here’s everything in our Amazon cart this month!

White Set


Firstly, a great way to begin is with my personal favorite find category. The landing page is full of items they think I’ll like on my prime account and they are always right. Fashion is a popular category and I think it’s amazing because it’s a form of self expression and looks different for everyone. It’s also a category that can be shopped for the whole family. Amazon has virtually everything from socks to dresses to sweaters and lots of these deals are better than any other smart shopping carts platform.

There’s something great about finding the best price for a solid dupe of something I’ve had my eye on for awhile. I will say, when you find something on there, sometimes you need to shop quickly because there are items that are considered a viral sensation and will sell out, so the checkout process should go quickly to ensure you get the items you like. Some of the more expensive pieces are worth it to get on Amazon simply because the shipping and service is so good. Although why pay full price when you can get a great dress on Amazon? If you’re looking into fashion on the Amazon app, you’re on the right side of the checkout line.

Two Piece Set, Pink Swim, Pink Beach Cover Up Set, White Slip Dress, Beige Knit Halter Dress, Floral Dress, Pink Silky Set, Pink Cut Out Dress, Pink Gingham Dress, Pink Knit Dress


Secondly, in the coming months, a whole new set of accessories are needed in my wardrobe! I really feel like I could be the Amazon spokesperson because I have found so many fabulous finds. Shoes, earrings and bags are amongst my top purchases so if you have your eye on any of these pieces, I recommend saving them in your online shopping cart for Amazon prime day in case they go on sale! It is helpful to put together shopping lists of items you want to get on there instead of just going crazy, but I get it– we can’t help ourselves sometimes!

Chunky Gold Earrings, Gold Heart Earrings, Pearl Earrings, Pink Earrings, Floral Earrings, Beige Sunglasses, White Sunglasses, Preppy Cosmetic Bag Set, Tote, Belt Bag, Straw Bag

Beige Platform Sandals, White Platform Sandals, Pink Wedges, Paris Sandals, Studded Sandals

Home/Outdoor Favorites

Finally, this is a category everyone can shop from! A smart investment to me are items that will keep us entertained and cool throughout the summer. This includes reusable water balls, towels, umbrellas and coolers. I invested in a nice a beach umbrella for the first time last summer and there was no turning back. I couldn’t believe I found it on Amazon this year, so I added it to our shopping list! Although, this is a great time to get some early holiday gifting done and get winter items, as well because those prices are better than ever.

Business & Pleasure Umbrella, Towel, Wine Cooler, Pink Standing Cooler, Speaker, Lounge Chairs, Heart Pool Float, Barbie Pool Float, Towel Drying Rack, Reusable Water Balls, Inflatable Pump

Portable Phone Charger, Decorative White Bowl, Wooden Bowl, Chloé Coffee Table Book, Electrolytes, Marble Drying Stone

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