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Our Top 10 Spring Reads

One thing I enjoy doing each season is getting a new book. There’s truly nothing like curling up with a new novel, they’re full of fresh starts and new life. Once I finish spring cleaning, which includes donating old books to replace with new releases, I take time to dive into a good book. The cold winter is ending and the first signs of spring are officially here on the east coast. The truth is, reading is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. It’s great for our minds. So a friendly tip, if you need to take a break from something, reading is key to helping you do so. These are the best books to enjoy for the warmer weather this spring.
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Firstly, stick with what you like! Some people consider reading to be a chore, so making sure you are picking options that you will truly enjoy is essential. A few genres and types of books that are popular are a romantic comedy, historical fiction, the latest thriller and magical realism. I believe in second chances, so if you or your family members aren’t the biggest fans of reading, try a different genre. It makes the world of a difference when you’re reading something you look forward to picking up each day.

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We don’t always put ourselves as a priority and doing small things for ourselves add up each day. Things get busy and it’s common to overlook basic self-care for ourselves, but this shouldn’t happen. It should be included in our daily routine because taking care of ourselves is not only “in style”, but it’s great for our emotional and mental health-even physical sometimes. One way we can do this is by unwinding and reading! The escape from reality itself is a great start, but books about meditation, daily quotes, affirmations, skincare, beauty and so much more can really do a lot for our overall well being. This book list is really for moms but stay tuned because I will have options for a teenage girl coming soon!

spring books


Being a mom is seriously the hardest job in the world! While we are busy taking care of other people all day, we often neglect ourselves. Basically, here is your reminder that you are important and you deserve to be taken care of, yourself! Try out one of these reads yourself or gift it to your best friend who deserves some me time. Book lovers understand the power of reading time but as we round out the school year in the coming months, it’s the perfect time to start taking time for ourselves after all the running around we do. Make yourself a main character in your own life.

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Book Club

Has anyone tried out a book club? I know they are assigned readings, so you don’t get to choose the author or book often. While book clubs can be a really fun way to enjoy a hobby of reading and chatting about the stories with friends, the clubs can also sometimes feel a bit much, if a book is assigned that is not enjoyable. On the other hand, it’s a great way to try out new genres and read other authors’ work to see if you can broaden your horizons! This is how you can find your next favorite read.

spring books

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Firstly, as moms we are go go go! It’s nonstop and I didn’t even realize it, but it’s called overfunctioning and can be rough on our minds and bodies. This book will bring you back down to earth and remind you to slow down.
Secondly, this is a fun read about a woman whose old love letters with a famous ex boyfriend end up in the tabloids. She lives an average life but questions what life could’ve been like.
Thirdly, we all know and love Kendra Scott. This is her memoir about her life and starting a jewelry empire!
We might all need this! I know looking tan is fun but taking care of our skin is way more fun and less of a risk! There’s an afterward too from Dr. Dennis Gross.
Here in NYC, everyone wants to look young. I thought this was so interesting to see what the plastic surgeons were saying about treatments!
Moreover, if you’re going to read a book to empower your daughters, it’s this one! We need to stand in our power and intelligence and never let anyone try to tear us down.
I have been really needing a comedy book and this is a funny one! It’s about a woman who gets sick and finds out her neurologist published a book all about her illnesses. She has to go and figure out who she was before she got sick and lands in NYC!
Never underestimate the power of a self help book. This one is one of my favorites and is great because it gives actionable steps to take to improve daily life.
Furthermore, who is looking for a memoir? This is a top choice from me and all about a woman’s search for love and the meaning of life.
I’ve been hearing all about how amazing this author is and decided to give a read a try. I love a good love story and this is about a lawyer gets a vision of how her life could be like after the question where do you see yourself in five years.

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spring books
spring books

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