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Our Reading Traditions

One of the most valuable gifts you can ever give to your children is reading to them at an early age. I started reading to Ryder well before he even knew what a book was, and I felt that if I developed this routine, it would give him the fundamentals he would need when the time came for learning to read and write. Through the early years, our bedtime routine had pretty much remained the same. Now with three kiddies, our tribe sits together every night and are each allowed to pick out their own books that I read to them for our special story hour.



With Ryder in kindergarden, his only homework is to read each night, and he usually brings two books home from class each day. One book is for me to read to him, and another for him to read to me. He has struggled a bit this year, so anything I can do to make learning fun for him works for me. I adore all of the I See Me books, and in fact, Siella received one when she was born from a dear friend, and she absolutely adores it. I See Me books are personalized books made just for your child.



. I feel the I See Me books increase self esteem in children through personalization, and celebrate the uniqueness of each child. The goal of their books are to teach children how to spell his or her name, build vocabulary skills, and make them feel special. Everything from I See Me make great gifts, and any occasion that much more special. They are my new go-to for gifts offering an amazing assortment of personalized gifts from books, puzzles, placemats, stickers even personalized lunch boxes.


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The look on Ryder and Siella’s faces when they opened their special books were absolutely priceless. Each of their photos in the book was a wonderful surprise, adding to their eagerness to dive right in, and start reading. Ryder’s All Star book is about his favorite sports, and teaches him to be a team player. Siella’s Fairy Tale Book is about her being unique and special, while spelling out her name on each page. These book have now become a new favorite for us to read each night. I See Me also offers personalized growth charts, which was ideal for little Gemma. I can now start tracking her height every few months to see how fast she is growing.


To see your child eager and excited about reading is the most incredible thing. I hope to continue our routine always and their love for reading continues to grow!

Thank you to I See Me for sponsoring this post. 

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