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Always On The Go

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.

Being a work at home and stay at home mom, I am constantly on my toes. Throughout the week I am trying to divide my time between all three children, their schedules, my schedule, and as well as maintain our home. What I have learned throughout my years of juggling, is that there is absolutely no time for this mama to get sick or be out of commission.



I remember after having Ryder, the change of seasons would always leave me with, what I thought, was a head cold, until I realized I wasn’t getting colds, but rather allergies. Its funny because I’ve never experienced allergies until I had children. My symptoms are pretty typical; watery eyes, red nose, swollen sinuses and usually occur during the start of springtime or fall.


I can’t let my allergies get in the way of our crazy life, so when I feel them acting up, I know I can turn to ZYRTEC® for relief. ZYRTEC® starts working within an hour and doesn’t stop me from my daily pick ups and drop offs from school, ballet class, or playdates. By having 24 hour relief, I don’t have to worry about having to take a dose every few hours and can go about my day.


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I try my best to look and feel my best despite having nasty allergies. The makers of ZYRTEC® have enlisted celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg to help women battle the ALLERGY FACE® through a series of beauty tips. Some tips include:

For watery eyes – Use waterproof mascara and eye liner. Apply your regular mascara and top with a waterproof mascara. 

For puffy face – Conturing, which is shading and highlighting. Using a darker bronzer to conceal any puffiness, while highlighting your cheeks will a lighter blush.

For red nose – Before bedtime use an oil like argan or coconut on the irritated area. When you wake up, use a light cream concealer before applying your makeup.

Don’t let allergies, get in the way of your busy schedule. Would love to hear your tips on how you compact allergies! For more tips visit the Zyrtec Facebook page.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®.


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