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Our Favorite Coolers to Keep Cool this Summer

Let’s chat all things coolers! Overall, it’s really important that we keep everything cool so we can stay hydrated out in the summer heat. There are so many options these days that it can be difficult to find a place to begin. You can opt for hard shelled coolers, which are usually heavier, but they do tend to work a little better in terms of keeping your items cool. This is probably because there’s so much to the technology behind them. But, at the end of the day, the cloth insulated coolers are a lot easier to carry if you have a lot packed already and you’re thinking about the walk out there. Moreover, an insulated cup is key for hydration. The bigger, the better because you don’t have to worry about running out!

These are our favorite coolers to keep cool all summer long:

Where to Begin

Firstly, the best coolers are completely up to what you need them for. Consider a camping cooler, built-in bottle opener for parties, shoulder strap for easy travel and a backpack cooler if you have little ones. For instance, beach days are a popular activity for us and finding the best soft cooler to run in the sand with is a great option for us. Moreover, backyard barbecues are another fun activity for long days. With the summer heat, a reliable cooler that can store not just beverages like cold water but food items, too is a necessity! Plenty of ice needs to be able to fit in there, as well. An ice retention test is always a great way to determine whether or not a cooler can withstand warm weather and keep cold drinks cool.


Secondly, size is everything! It’s all about what you are using the cooler for. A compact cooler for storage if you live in the city is something you might want to consider. For example, a lightweight cooler is easy to walk around with, but they normally don’t have too much space inside. Better results don’t always just come with a large cooler, but the quality is essential. A cooler backpack is something that is light weight but also large enough to hold enough for lunch and larger sizes of ice packs. Long trips to the beach require a bit larger cooler and hard shells can withstand the heat longer under direct sunlight. But if you’re taking a quick trip for the day, a small, soft-sided cooler is a top pick!

Price Point

Finally, a good cooler doesn’t necessarily need to cost a ton of money. Although a cheap cooler is something that can be a quick fix for the day in a small size but the quality won’t withstand hours outside. Expensive coolers don’t ultimately mean that they are automatically a heavy-duty cooler, but I will say they normally are better quality. When it comes to comparing cheaper coolers to something like a hydro flask, or yeti roadie, you’ll definitely want to splurge for beach coolers.

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Firstly, other than the face that this cooler is so retro looking, it does the job! You can fit a ton in it and the divider is a cutting board!
Secondly, look at this shade of pink! This cooler is perfect for those who host gatherings throughout the summer because it fits everything you need!
A cooler that can double as a speaker is a win in my book! It’s perfect beach size and connects to bluetooth as well as radio.
It’s no secret that this is one of my favorite summer outdoor companies! I have pretty much everything they’ve ever made and their cooler is a top items for me in the summers.
Have you seen anything cooler? Puns aside, this is perfect for beach or park picnics under the summer sun!
This is something I sometimes forget about, but coolers need ice! This ice block is reusable and refreezable and you can even set your drinks on it to keep them cool.
One thing I struggle with is finding good coolers for big gatherings. This one fits every drink imaginable and it’s pink!
Now this is a heavy duty cooler! If you camp or are spending an entire day at the beach, this is my top cooler recommendation!
Not only is this an iconic cooler brand, but it works really well! They have 2 days of ice retention and are easy to travel with.
Year after year, I reach for my polar box! It’s a favorite of mine and holds exactly all the snacks I need it to for our beach trips.
A cute little cooler that can be worn as a backpack? I’m obsessed! They fit just enough for an afternoon outing and have tons of colors to choose from.
I’d have to say, this is the ultimate cooler of the summer! It’s a pool float that is made for ice and drinks to keep cool.

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