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Sunblock You Need For That Summer Glow

Sunscreen is not just for the summers, it is an everyday essential for your skin. Our skin is our largest body organ and it’s incredibly important to take care of it. Especially in the summertime, where the UVB rays are usually harshest as we spend so much time outside in the heat. There are thousands of different types of sunscreens to choose from these days and it can feel overwhelming to make a decision.  Sun exposure in harsh UV rays is not something to take lightly, so it’s incredibly important to figure out the best sunscreen for ourselves, especially one with a high SPF. Moreover, sunscreen also aids against premature aging.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to facial sunscreen:

Skin Types

Firstly, shopping for sunscreen is a lot like shopping for skincare. Your skin type matters. For instance, do you have oily skin? Maybe you’ll want to opt for a matte or gel option. Dry skin? Go for a dewy summer glow! A lot of the newer sunscreens are tinted, which is great because it’s like wearing a bb cream that has SPF and evens out your skin tone. But you’ll want to do some research on each of those, to make sure they are right for your skin type. There’s nothing worse than dry patches or a product that is too oily.

Mineral Vs Chemical

Secondly, there are two different types of sunscreen: mineral and chemical. Chemical sunscreens are formulated to use chemical filters to protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. The ingredients in this type of sunscreen will absorb the rays before they hit your skin and you will not get a white cast from these sunscreens. While mineral sunscreen actually physically blocks ultraviolet radiation. It’s also known as physical sunscreen for this purpose. Furthermore, these primarily include ingredients like Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, which is why we sometimes get a white cast. It’s really all about preference! If you’re having trouble making a decision, let’s break it down further!

Mineral: Gentle but can be more difficult to spread or absorb.

Chemical: Can be irritating for sensitive or oily skin. Best for days where you aren’t outside a ton near harmful UV rays.


When I say needs, this goes along with skin type. What does your skin need or what are some problems you are facing? Dark spots? Sensitive skin? Try sunscreen that has skincare in it! A lot of options out there now offer Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, vitamin c and other skincare benefits to help you achieve a healthy glow and as well as healthy skin. They even make CC cream that has SPF in it! I know it’s an extra step in your skincare routine, but it really is integral in decreasing your risk of sun damage and protecting you from the sun’s rays!


What is SPF? It stands for sun protection factor. So, the higher the SPF, the more UVB protection. You should wear sunscreen every single day of the year, but the SPF should definitely be higher in the summer months. To make sure you have adequate protection from the sun, it’s safest to stick with 36 SPF and higher.

I’ve listed 15 of the best sunscreens to make your skin glow, below! Let me know which are your favorites!

This post was originally published June 17th, 2022*

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This sunscreen is brand new from Summer Fridays and has the best consistency! There’s no white cast and it’s 30 SPF.
An absolute staple for the summer is Glowscreen! It is SPF 40 and gives you the most stunning glow!
Tinted sunscreen is always a great option because it’s perfect to grab and get out the door! It gives you protection with SPF 46 and a great even base tone.
It’s no secret how much of a fan of Dr Barbara Sturm I am! These are an everyday staple in my morning routine.
Dermalogica is known for being a great skincare company! So a company that puts skincare first is one I definitely trust for sunscreen that won’t break me out.
Cooling Water sounds so refreshing for summer! La Roche-Posay is a high rated brand that is also a skincare company, so I’m excited to try this, as I’ve heard amazing things!
Looking for a matte sunscreen? This is a great option and it’s tinted, so it will even out your skin tone and make you feel more put together for the day!
I love a good SPF 50 for daily use, especially in the summers! This one is super hydrating and goes on really easily.
Not only is this sunscreen organic, but it’s fragrance-free, which I love! Coola is a fantastic sunscreen brand that has so many different options for face and body!
If you’re on the hunt for a gel based sunscreen, you’ll want to check this out! I love the glow this chemical sunscreen gives me and it goes on so smoothly!
Here is a great hydrating sunscreen option! It leaves no white cast and spreads evenly.
If you’ve tried their dew drops, this is a product you will be obsessed with! It’s just like that, but it has SPF 50, which is amazing!
I love any sunscreen that has skincare in it! This is a fantastic product and can we talk about how cute the packaging is?!
I love this brand for all things skincare, it’s incredibly gentle and safe for sensitive skin. So it’s pretty fair to say this is a top sunscreen for anyone with sensitive skin!
Finally hyaluronic acid does wonders for your skin! I love that this product is sheer and you don’t have to worry about any white cast.

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