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Binge Worthy Shows To Watch During Quarantine

Well I’m definitely watching more tv than usual these days. I feel like my friends and family have forever been suggesting amazing shows that i normally never had the time for, and now I’m getting through the list.  TV can be such a great way to decompress from all the crazy and get lost in another world. All the networks  have created such great story lines and characters its hard not to meet someone who is so passionate about their personal favorites. I’ve gathered some top shows totally worthy of a binge watching quarantine.

Dead To Me – Season 2 was recently released and we’re all loving it! As we follow along the story of two women who bond in group therapy we quickly realize not everything is at it seems. A show with tons of twist and turns, you’ll be flipping through episodes trying to get to the answers of how it all unfolds.

The Last Dance –  The is for all the sport lovers missing out on their spring sports! Follow along this 10 part documentary on the making of one of the greatest athletes of our time, Michael Jordan. Get a look at Michaels incredible career as he brings the Chicago Bulls to six championships!

Ozark – This is one everyone seems to be watching and buzzing about! Jason Batemans character moves his family from Chicago to a small town in the Ozark’s after a money laundering deal goes bad. This series has already won so many awards and I know it will be coming back for many seasons to come.

The Sinner -This is a great series for all the detective buffs. What makes this crime show different than others, is each season is a totally new case trying to be solved. In the first season we follow along Jessica Biel’s character in trying to explain why she kills a man she doesn’t know. And in the second season we follow a young boy who has committed murder. A great psychological thriller!

Schitt’s Creek – Oh this one is so good! Definitely one of my favorites. After the Rose family loses their million dollar business, they’re forced to go from riches to rags. Viewers follow along this comedy series as the Roses adjust to their new town while living in its motel! Haha! Its so funny and such an easy watch! A great comedic relief. Season 6 on the Pop Tv app.

Broadchurch – A serial crime drama that takes place in a quaint British sea town in Dorset. Follow along the two main detectives, Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller as they try to solve this little towns biggest mysteries. An incredibly well written series with tons of character development.

Kim’s Convenience – A sweet Canadian series about a family who owns and runs a local convenient store. Follow along Appa and Umma as they try to instill their Korean heritage on their two adult children while navigating their Canadian lives. An easy and family friendly watch!

Working Moms – Another great series from Canada that all us moms can relate to! This series has me laughing so hard and feeling so understood. Haha! Series follows a group of mom friends as they juggle work life, family life, a barely there social life, etc….Highly recommend to all ladies!

Becoming – Though this is only a one part documentary it simply had to be included in this list. Becoming is a powerful and moving look into Michelle Obama’s life while on tour. Viewers will get glimpse into her life after the white house and a more personal look into her childhood. A wonderful and inspiring watch for the whole family!

Normal People – A dramatic series from Ireland currently streaming on Hulu. Follow Marianne and Connell as they navigate their relationship through adult life and their last year of college. Based on the novel by Sally Rooney and only released last month, this series is quickly getting so much buzz.


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10 thoughts on “Binge Worthy Shows To Watch During Quarantine”

  1. I’ve been binge watching Netflix lately. In fact I’ve read Michelle Obama’s book Becoming and that documentary is the next one to watch on my list.

  2. Such a great list. I already watched most of these shows but missed some. Like Ozark and Normal People. Thanks for idea!

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