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NYC Restaurants We Have Our Eye On

New York City has everything you could ever ask for. The shopping is amazing and the food is out of this world! There are quite a few restaurants we have our eye on not simply for just one reason like the best views, great atmosphere, great food, live music or friendly staff. It’s the combination of all of those things! It can be difficult to figure out what’s actually worth it when places get pretty hyped up. But I’m confident I have one of the best lists of must-go restaurants for the hottest in town. So whether it’s a date night or you just need a new restaurant to try out, you’ll want to save these spots. Here are the best restaurants that we have our eye on.. and it’s all coming from a New Yorker!

4Charles Prime Rib

Firstly, this place is gorgeous. It’s the perfect place to impress someone! But the food is out of this world! Obviously, they are known for their prime rib, which I think everyone needs to try. But the menu features other delicacies like caviar, crab, steaks, decadent desserts and some of the best cocktails around town. Their dinner menu and wine lists are unmatched! This is where I’d like to spend my Saturday nights!

Polo Bar

Secondly, this is a top spot for the best places to eat at in the city! The Ralph Lauren Polo Bar is an absolutely iconic establishment. The burger is one of the best around and so are the crab cakes. If you’re into chopped salads, you have to try theirs! Now, this is not an easy place to get reservations at, so pro tip: try calling afternoon of, to see if any cancellations have been made to leave room for an opening!


Speaking of difficult spots to get into, let’s chat about Carbone! The wine pairings here are fantastic. Many would argue you’ll have the best meal here and I really can’t argue. I suggest setting an alarm in the early morning to try to get a reservation within the new month. Everyone has their tips and honestly, I’m still learning how to get into places. They are known for their pasta, but the fish is also perfection in this gorgeous atmosphere. It’s a great spot to go to if you’re visiting town or just want a great night at one of the most unique restaurants.


Located in the Noho area, The Nines is such an exclusive spot! The menu items are ideal for a special occasion, making it one of my favorite spots. They even have a dress code! Choose the tuna tartare, oysters, hamachi and some of the best cocktails in the big apple! I could write a love letter to this fine dining establishment.

Monkey Bar

This is another spot you have to be on it with resy’s for! Their Resy opens 14 days prior to openings at 9AM, so be sure to set an alarm in order to get some delicious food. The main dining room is honestly one of the coolest designs I’ve seen. There’s a wide array of crudo, fish, hand made pastas, steaks and so much more amazing food! It’s one of the best in New York’s restaurant scene.

Le Grenouille

Welcome to one of the most incredible restaurants! They have a first dining menu, main dining, late jazz and take out menu. So there are plenty of chances to try this spot out! With menu items like souffle, one of the best caesar salads in NYC and prix fixe menus. The menus grow as the night goes on and they even have chef’s specials of the night. It’s been around since 1962 and is timeless!


Italian food is always a good option! This restaurant has two dining rooms and a bar, so you can go for a meal or just drinks. The whole menu is inspired by Little Italy, so it’s classic, delicious Italian-inspired meals. With some of the best pasta in town, it’s a must-go spot!


If you’re looking for an upscale spot to go on a date night, look no further! Veronika by Fotografiska is an iconic establishment that everyone has to go to at least once! They have a phenomenal bar and the restaurant has some out of this world bites. I recommend the scallops and tempura oysters. And they have a dessert menu, so what more can you ask for?

Maison Close

Located in Soho, this restaurant is open for brunch and dinner. They offer traditional French cuisine and everything on the menu is great! Seriously, there is not one thing you can go wrong with. They have a lobster served on a buttery croissant that is what dreams are made of!

Casa Cruz

Not only is this spot in London, but here in the city! It’s five floors high consisting of bars, dining areas, private event space and a rooftop terrace! So depending on the mood you’re in, you can try out any space. It’s exquisite cuisine featuring tons of options including pasta, fish, meat and vegetarian choices.

Bar Pitti

Another absolutely iconic Italian spot in the city is Bar Pitti. Their pasta is unmatched and the options are endless. They truly have every type of Italian meal you can wish for and I highly recommend this for a date spot.

Rh Guesthouse

Restoration Hardware Guesthouse is a hotel that is so much more beautiful than you can even imagine! Obviously, their furniture is stunning, so the hotel and dining options they have are up there on our list. Let’s start with the fact that they have a champagne and caviar bar. Yeah, you read that right! That’s all I need to hear to go! But the dining room is also delicious with tons of options that everyone can find something they like. I love places like that!

Hotel Chelsea

Opened in 1884, this hotel has been around for quite some time now. There is a Spanish restaurant there called El Quijote and it is out of this world! Their shrimp, beef and chicken are so good, but they also have plenty of vegetarian options. And don’t even get me started on the drinks! There’s plenty to be had.

Les Trois Chevaux

Located on 12th Street, this French spot is a must-see! They do a great job at capturing everything that is France in their dishes and it really doesn’t feel like we’re in New York there. The cocktails are stunning, a true work of art that you can enjoy! I will mention they have a strict dress code, so nothing like sweats or jeans are allowed. Dress to impress when you go! You’re eating French food, you can get fancy!


When we’re in the mood for Asian food, we go to Bao! They have the best dumplings in town, and obviously, Bao buns. Soup dumplings are all over the city, but we find ourselves coming back here every time we want some. Bao has a pretty large menu with every food you can think of! From Bao buns to rice to dumplings and beyond, you will love it here!


Let’s finish off with a final Italian spot! First of all, they have a Valentine’s special, so consider this for your date night coming up! On top of the delicious pasta options, there are things like tuna crudo, octopus, pizza, branzino and tons of sides.

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