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My Morning and Nightime Skincare Routine

It’s always a good time to revamp your skincare routine. Targeting problem areas like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, acne or a damaged skin barrier are one of my favorite things to investigate. I love to find new products for skin health that tackle everyone’s different needs. I have redone my skincare routine to achieve better results so many times but I finally feel confident that I have tackled the perfect routine to follow on a daily basis. My morning and night time routines are different and I’ve gone ahead an included my body care, as well. Here are my full routines- which you can shop still from the Sephora Sale!


Morning Skincare Routine

My morning routine is a great way to start fresh each day. I would say it’s most important that you know your skin type to determine which skincare products will work best for your skin. Beginning each day with clean skin is such a great feeling! The first thing I do is make sure to begin with the thinnest products and move from there. For instance, serums go before moisturizer and sunscreen goes on top of everything. If you have oily skin, you might want to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water before applying products. Everyone has different and specific skin concerns and catering to them is essential.

I have a very specific morning skin care routine and am picky about each product right down to my morning eye cream. If you know me, you know I am the biggest fan of Summer Fridays! I use most of their prodcuts and love the fact that they are all clean. Especially since I have tweens that are beginning to develop skincare routines, I like to make sure I have as many clean and safe skincare products for them to use.

These are my go-to products!

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Moisturizer, Summer Fridays Vitamin C Serum, Ole Henriksen Eye Cream, Caudalie Elixir, Summer Fridays Lip Butter, Ice Roller, SOS Daily Rescue

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Moreover, my final step in the day is completing my night skincare routine. I am someone who loves face masks, as well as blue light and red light therapy masks, but those are more special occasion products, rather than a routine. I have a post coming out soon all about my favorite light masks, so stay tuned!

You are never too young to use a retinol or retinoid product. And by never too young, I mean start in your 20s! They have tackle acne, wrinkles and cell turnover. You only need a pea sized amount, though! Consult your dermatologist before switching up your routine, though! These are just the products I’ve found work best for me. My biggest tip is to use your ring finger to apply your eye cream. It’s the most delicate finger and that is an incredibly sensitive area. Having a clean towel each night to wash your entire face with, a good toner and thick night cream are my most important products. The perfect time to unwind from the day is during your skin care routine with the best products! Treat yourself and your face to the very best options for you!


Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, Sunday Riley Retinoid, Skin Fix Collagen Eye Cream, Gua Sha, Caudalie Toner, Laneige Intense Mask

Body Care

Finally, I have a quick body routine! I always dry brush, it’s a great way to reduce cellulite, increase bloodflow and lympahtic drainage. Dry brushing and body scrubs help get rid of dead skin cells as well as aid in eliminating ingrown hairs or keratosis pilaris. I dry brush before the shower, use my body scrub and then put on either body oil or lotion to use a lymphatic drainage tool. This will help with bloating if you use it on your stomach, as well. It just feels so good and there are incredibly benefits from doing it consistently.

Goop Dry Brush, Bom Dia Body Scrub, Nécessaire Body Oil, Summer Fridays Body Lotion, Nécessaire Lymphatic Drainage tool

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28 thoughts on “My Morning and Nightime Skincare Routine”

  1. I loved reading about your morning and nighttime skincare routine. I love skincare, and I’m a huge fan of drunk elephant!

  2. I love the quote about healthy skin reflecting our wellness, it can be challenging to find time to look after ourselves in these busy times so thanks for all these great tips.

  3. I’ve been saying this for years but I really need to get into the habit of actually looking after my skin. I currently don’t and it’s beginning to show! This article helps lay it all out for me and what I, perhaps, should be doing.

  4. Your skincare routine is so inspiring! I love how you explain each step in detail and include the specific products you use. Your dedication to self-care is admirable.

  5. Its always great to discover new products and see what others are using with their routines. Thank you for this!

  6. I see some great skincare products in your routine. I am a big fan of Drunk Elephant. I use their products in my routine too.

  7. Great post! I’m always looking for new skincare products to try and it’s helpful to see someone’s full routine. It’s interesting to hear that your morning and night routines differ, and it makes sense to target specific concerns during each time. Thanks for sharing your favorite products and tips for achieving healthy skin! I’ll definitely be checking out the Sephora Sale for some of these items.

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