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My Monthly Favorite Things

It’s time to chat favorite things! Over the past month, I’ve gotten my hands on some new releases, traveled to new places and rediscovered old goodies. This list is so much more than just a favorite item and fun finds, there are recipes I cherish because of the family time around the table, even a beauty product that has helped make me feel more confident. Last month, I’ve been keeping track of everything I’ve enjoyed to add it to this new series I began this year. Who doesn’t love discovering new products and fun travels?! Here is my entire list of monthly favorites, all coming in time for some last minute Easter needs, too!


It’s no secret that my family loves to travel! We will go anywhere just for an adventure! This year, we have been so blessed to be able to travel to some amazing new places and make the best memories there, together. My favorite travel spot this month was Anguilla! I wrote an entire blog post linked here, on everything we did while we were at the beautiful Aurora Resort. If you need a relaxing beach getaway, you have to book a trip there!

My Go-To Look

It’s officially spring, so the florals are in full-swing over here! I’ll take any excuse to wear vintage inspired floral skirts and dresses. And yes, that includes just every day life! You don’t need a special occasion to dress the way you want. This skirt from ALLISON New York has been on repeat for me lately! I love the mix of the crochet top and the floral bottoms paired with it.

Favorite Recipe

This month I was honored to be able to partner with Truvia to create a delicious recipe in honor of Women’s History Month. It’s a lemon yogurt cake using Truvia as a sweetener, and let me just tell you it is so much better than adding sugar in! Click here for the full recipe!


If you’re on TikTok, you know the hype behind the ingredient resveratrol. This lifting and firming night cream has become a staple in my night routine. It contains vegan collagen for anti-aging purposes and hyaluronic acid, so it’s incredibly moisturizing on top of all of the other benefits. And obviously, the packaging is super cute!


If you aren’t aware, the Sephora spring sale is coming up for beauty insiders in April! All you have to do is sign up, it’s free! Even the lowest tier in the program receives 10% off their purchase, so that in itself is better than nothing! Stay tuned for a fun post I have coming out soon about non-pore clogging products you’ll love! Rare Beauty has created some fantastic products that fully live up to the hype. Specifically, this highlighter has been a favorite of mine because it adds the prettiest glow!

Hair Care

If you know, you know! Dream Coat is going to be your new best friend! Yes, it’s a bit pricey as it’s closer to $30, but it’s completely worth it! This stuff protects your hair from the humidity and frizz better than any other product I’ve tried! You need to totally coat your damp hair in it and then blow it out, but the results are amazing!


This category is the largest and while it may feel a bit random, these are items I got a ton of use out of last month and continue to do so going into this next month. Welcome to the mixture of fashion, home and accessories that are running my life! I love all of these items equally and am so excited to share them all with you!

Denim Platforms

Born on Fifth Dress

Flocked Bunny

Travel Sunglasses Case

Stoney Clover Pouch

Tea Kettle

For more of my favorite things, visit here!

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22 thoughts on “My Monthly Favorite Things”

  1. I am loving the crop top and skirt combo it’s perfect for the gradually warming weather. It is an easy to wear and relaxed ensemble.

  2. Such a nice trip to kick off the warmer season before it gets too warm! Also love your suggestions…been wanting to try the Rare Beauty highlighter and blush for a while now!

  3. Hi Brianne –
    I just discovered your blog this past week and I literally cannot stop reading your posts…. I lived in NYC for eight years and miss it so much. We are now based in the midwest and spend our summers back in the city. Thank you x 1000 for your incredibly posts. I have discovered so many new ideas of things to do back in the city with my daughter when we come again in a few weeks + new travel ideas. And I absolutely love your “favorites” posts! They’re my new favorite way to shop! 🙂 I will definitely be a regular follower from here on out!

    1. Hi Kristin
      Thank you for reaching out and your kind words! Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of!
      All the best!

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