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A Full Face of Non-Pore Clogging Makeup

Is anyone else planning on shopping the Sephora sale? It starts on the 14th and runs through the 24th. Although, in order to shop it, you must be a Beauty Insider Member, which is super simple to do. If you are a beauty insider, then you will have access to 20%, 15% or 10% off everything (depending on your status there)–which doesn’t happen often at all, so take advantage of that! On top of all of that, Sephora brand products are 30% off!

Because I have tweens, I’ve been doing a lot of research about makeup that is not going to clog their pores. And then I started thinking to myself, wait a minute, I don’t want makeup clogging mine! So I went on a deep dive on the internet to find an entire face of non pore clogging makeup, just in time to shop the Sephora sale. There are several options per makeup category and I hope you find at least one to help out your skin! Let me know which find is your fav!


This category is one of the most important, if not the most important because the most pore clogging surface area happens with these. They cover your entire face and you want to ensure you are painting your skin with something that is okay to soak into it. With important factors in the best foundations category being full coverage and options that work well for both oily skin types and dry skin, while not sinking into fine lines. This was one of the most difficult categories to shop for non-comedogenic products, but I am very happy with the ingredients list and buildable coverage with non pore-clogging ingredients.

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If you like lightweight foundation choices, maybe concealer in place of it would work for you. Whether you are fighting an uneven skin tone or acne breakouts, concealer can feel like a daily essential. A non-comedogenic formula is essential here, especially when we are putting it in places like near our eyes and over blemishes. Some have a more matte finish, while others are a dewy finish. But make sure you know your skin type so you can find a great option to avoid excess oil or caked makeup over dry skin. The appearance of pores can feel magnetized under concealer. We all have dark circles we want to cover but pore blockages doesn’t need to be a part of that.



Beauty products are just so much fun to shop for! The fear of clogged pore shouldn’t stop us from going for that flawless finish. I have my holy grail blush choices below and some of them are vegan formulas, which is even better. I love a natural finish, but they are buildable for more color and have the best formulas!



My personal preference is that I’m not super into bronzer, but I know it is great for everyday use to warm up your face. The spots where bronzer goes can be prone to unwanted breakouts, so I’m happy to have found great options for acne-prone skin types and those with sensitive skin.



These have become more popular in recent years and I am so happy about it. Who doesn’t want a nice glow on a daily basis?! Highlighters can be pore clogging, which I never really thought about but it’s nice to find options that are lightweight and not going to clog my pores.



Never forget sunscreen! It needs to go under all of your makeup in order to give you daily protection from the sun. Even if a foundation has SPF, I’d say it’s safe to add some extra protection.



If you feel like your makeup might slide around and crease, powder is your best friend! Since this goes on the skin to cover everything, you’ll definitely want to make sure there are no pore clogging ingredients in the formula.


For more makeup recommendations, visit here!

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19 thoughts on “A Full Face of Non-Pore Clogging Makeup”

  1. This is one of those articles I need to review with my daughter. She is just beginning to experiment with makeup – and she needs to read articles such as this written by a professional. Clogged pores are something we all need to avoid when using makeup!

  2. I’ve never actually shopped at Sephora before, but it looks like they have some great makeup options! I love that Upper starting your daughters with the good stuff so young.

  3. Ah, thanks so much for the heads up! I absolutely love Sephora, but it can be hard keeping up with the sales. I’ll definitely have to stock up on some of my favorites.

  4. Many women will find this post helpful in picking the right products for their skin. Thanks for sharing! Personally, I don’t have anything against pores, its natural.

  5. I’m on the lookout for makeup for my sister’s upcoming wedding. I don’t wear makeup normally but she’s informed me that I have to start trying different things out to see how my skin reacts and what works! This is a start, at least!

  6. Your article on non-pore-clogging makeup is a game-changer for those struggling with acne-prone skin. The detailed product recommendations and personal experiences make it a must-read for anyone in search of safe, effective makeup options.

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