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My Monthly Favorite Things

I’m starting up a new concept where I share all of my monthly favorites with you! If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter— go ahead

My Monthly Favorite Things

It’s time to chat favorite things! Over the past month, I’ve gotten my hands on some new releases, traveled to new places and rediscovered old

My Monthly Favorites

It’s that time of the month again! Time to announce my favorite things that I have been loving over the last month! I announce a

2023 Planners to Get Your Hands On

We’re getting pretty close to welcoming the new year! I’m someone who has a daily, weekly and monthly to-do list and need a great planner

Mean Girls – The Musical 

This post is made possible by support from Mean Girls on Broadway. All opinions are my own.  My sister has been my forever Broadway buddy

Home Improvements Referred

I wish I would have recorded what it was like when we looked at second homes last week. Picture, all three kids in the back

Family Movie Night + Giveaway!

The east coast is going through a deep freeze the past few weeks with extremely cold temperatures, leaving us with lots of time indoors. The

Style Box Subscription for Kids

As much as I absolutely love shopping, and spotting the latest trends, I’m finding it harder and harder to make the time to do so.