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Spring Outdoor Fun For Kids

Spring has sprung and the outdoor fun has begun! With the welcoming of warmer weather many families are heading outside for a sunny good time. Getting outside during spring rejuvenates our energy after dark and cold winters. It’s a wonderful time to plant, run, bike, and splash! As nature blooms so do the little personalities of our kids. I’ve listed some amazing games and toys for kids and for families to play together! Wishing you all a dry and playful spring!

Bocce Ball is such is such a fun game for all ages. Whether you’re hosting a bbq or just wanting some time outside, this game is always a hit!
How cute is this rainbow set? Ad the days are getting warmer, water play is sure to be a huge hit!
I love a kid friendly gardening set. My Gemma loves planting seeds and seeing them bloom. This makes for a great gift!
Bubbles! Babies and young children could spend hours outside with bubbles! A cute bubble machine is a great addition to any little family.
I love the fun sidewalk chalk options from Twee. This solar system set is super cute, but they have tons of other options thats are super fun.
My girls recently received roller skates, and we cant keep them out of them. Such a great classic outdoor activity! Don’t forget their helmets!
Similar to boce ball, badminton is a classic. Great for all ages, even just as adults! And an easier outdoor activity for little ones than tennis.
How cute is this sandbox? I love how this sandbox give you the option to shade, keeping our kids safe form the sun.
Don’t we all remember running through the sprinklers are kids? It was always so much fun! This flower sprinkler guarantee’s a blast!
This sand and water combo table makes for a great outdoor sensory table. An amazing outdoor activity for younger children.
Now that the days are getting warmer, maybe a little backyard camping night is in order. This super cute tent makes for a great star gazing evening.
How cute is this little set on a classic game? A great skill learning game for little ones.
“Let go fly a kite”! Kite flying is an amazing activity in the spring while winds are stronger than in the summer!
Time to start biking outside again! Balance bikes, bikes with training wheels, or without, lets get the kids their helmets and all go riding!

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12 thoughts on “Spring Outdoor Fun For Kids”

  1. You just reminded me that I need to buy new, bigger pool for my girls haha. Great activities… I just love the spring and summer time and being outside. Thank you!

  2. Bubble machines are so inexpensive and so much fun. I recommend those for anyone with littles in the family.

  3. As the weather warms up and days are longer, getting outside with kids should be a top priority. All these outdoor activities are such excellent ideas.

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