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More Time Enjoying The Holidays

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Ah, the holidays. Family and friends gather together from near and far, laughing, talking, catching up after time apart. It’s a time when we remind ourselves that regardless the distance which separates us, or how schedules may limit time spent chatting on the phone or in person, we are always in each others’ hearts. That’s what the holidays is all about, and that’s why we look forward to the season all year long.

Stop & Shop has all the food items I need to ensure my holiday table is full of tasty, delicious dishes; plus so much more to help you with your holidays. They offer delicious Nature’s Promise and Butterball turkeys available at a great price all season long, so you will always find that perfect holiday bird for the center piece of your celebratory meals. My mom will not cook her Thanksgiving dinner without a Butterball turkey, and Stop & Shop has been our go-to for years when finding the perfect one! And lets not forget dessert, be sure check out their bakery fresh pies on sale at 3 pies for $11.99.In addition to their aisles overflowing with food and drinks, two big bonuses at Stop and Shop for me are their floral and decor selections, and their catering service! The floral selection is second to none for holiday floral arrangements for the table, and the table decor and accoutrements will help place settings feel like they are from a magazine ad. For those of you who choose not to spend hours (or even days!) in the kitchen prepping and cooking, you can turn to Stop & Shop’s catering service to make our hosting duties a snap. You can opt for just having them whip up a couple of side dishes, or an entire meal so we don’t have to fret about to cooking a turkey on your own!

Stop & Shop has one other huge way that it makes enjoying the holidays easier – their spirit. Stop & Shop has the best vibe of any store in which I’ve ever shopped. Their staff is always ready to help, and they make it so much easier to get exactly what I need when I need it. I also love their publication, Savory, which is full of seasonal inspiration, recipes, meal plans, and more. It really takes all the work out of holiday prep.

If you want more time for enjoying the holidays and less time wasted on prep and stress, make Stop & Shop your stop for holiday and everyday shopping. Let’s get back to the important things during the holidays- family and friends!

For the perfect turkey recipe look no further!

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16 thoughts on “More Time Enjoying The Holidays”

  1. I’ll have to check out those pies they have! I love being able to spend some time with friends during the holidays. Trying out a couple new recipes for guests this year could be fun.

  2. I really wish I had this store near me. It sounds like such a great place to shop at. I’ve always heard many great things about this store.

  3. It’s definitely better to spend the time with our family or our friends! That’s why I appreciate everything that it can help it! Thanks for these awesome tips!

  4. Our family is taking the whole month of December off so we can spend time with each other. I love your tips in this post. It’s important for us to spend quality time together.

  5. Celebrate Woman Today

    It is a great way to stay calm and joyful during stressful times – meet your girl-friends! Spend some time together. That’s a true spirit of celebration.

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