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Fall Fashion for Kids with Catimini

Fall fashion for kids is on every fashion-forward mom’s mind right now. With the changing leaves and the changing weather, it’s time to start transitioning into long sleeves, thicker fabrics, and beautiful fall colors. It’s time for fall fashion for kids with Catimini.

I’m a fan of Catimini, and I have been for quite some time. They are a Parisian brand, and the line just screams my kids vibe! Their fashion philosophy is that the whimsy of childhood can and does benefit from just a touch of edge. Not a lot of sass. Just a touch. Just enough. I agree with them 100%. That’s why all three of my kids are rocking Catimini this fall.

This year, Catimini’s Fall fashion for kids is all about the critters. In fact, their collection is called Winter Bestiaries. Their fall and winter looks showcase the mascots of their unique themes. Dogs, cast, llamas, deer and rabbits pair with space themes, beautiful solids, and fun prints to create looks that are fabulous, fashionable, and so fall.

Ryder is rocking a dog knit sweater that really showcases the idea of adding a fashionable edge to their kids’ lines. It’s got just a touch of attitude that makes it just so amazing. He pairs it with lined denim pants for a high style, laid back look that really brings the feel of the season.

Siella is in love with an ensemble she put together that features a graphic bubble skirt, and an ivory glitter long sleeve. The overall effect is a layered look that is super cute. It’s her favorite outfit to wear to school.

Gemma put together the graphic printed dress that matches Siella’s skirt. Together they, coordinate, but are not “matching” according to them, and I’m totally going with it!

Here Gemma is wearing a Catimini pink velvet button skirt and graphic embroidered jacquard pink sweater, while Siella has on a pink dress with velvet pleats. It’s pinktastic for sure, but it completely works. Catimini has mastered the art of understated fabulousness.

Fall fashion for kids is what it’s all about right now, and Catimini has it down pat. My kids are loving their looks, and those pieces are only a few of the many that Catimini has in their current line. They make fall fashion for kids simple and simply gorgeous.

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