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Powerful Tech for Work and Play

As you all know by now, I am constantly on the go. Between my blog, my fashion industry endeavors, and being a mom, my life is non-stop. That means it’s hard for me to stop and do the things I need to do sometimes. I need a home office that is on the go and can come along with me wherever I am! With the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, I can do everything I need to do and then some no matter where I am. Heck, it’s my office no matter where I am.

Over the years, I’ve had several traditional laptops as well as tablets, and they were all okay. They all did what I needed them to do – at least in the capacity that they were designed for. However, none of them could do it all. I’ve learned that it’s essential to have one device that does it all, especially once my kids started remote learning. Some of the programs they use for school aren’t supported by tablets, and then they would need to borrow my computer to complete their work. That meant we were constantly switching around the laptop for anything requiring a keyboard and a tablet for everything else. With the Surface Laptop Studio, I get it all in one package that’s powered by Microsoft’s new and even better Windows 11 operating system.


This baby starts with the latest, greatest, and most powerful tech. It features a quad-core processor to seamlessly run all my most graphically intense programs or run multiple programs at once. It also stays cool – a problem among most hybrid laptops – with an industry-leading thermal distribution design and an excellent passive cooling system. That means that it can work hard, and I don’t have to worry about any overheating issues ever.

And while we’re talking about the tech that powers this powerful beast, I can’t forget to mention that while the quad-core powers the whole thing, the NVIDIA RTX architecture enables it all to run smoothly, giving me all the graphical power I need for both my design work and my kids’ gaming. It’s fast, as well, with 32GB of RAM and up to 2TB SSD.

The Digital Pen:

As a creator, I often sketch out ideas for my next project or pieces, which brings me to the next big plus on my list. The best digital pen experience Microsoft has ever offered. With its ultra-precise stylus and 120hz PixelSense Flow touch display, it really does feel like I’m writing and sketching with physical pencil and paper. It’s such a natural feeling, and I’m always as precise on my Surface as I would be on traditional writing products.

The Sound: 

Finally, I want to talk about the sound you get from the Surface Laptop Studio. Music is a big part of my work process. Movies and music are both a big part of my downtime, as well, so I want great sound with any device. That’s what this powerful machine delivers. It offers pro-quality audio with Quad Omnisonic speakers that feature 2-way speakers and dual invisible woofers to deliver rich, clear sound that pops the highs and punches out the lows.

If you’re looking for a device that gives you all the power you need for both work and play, then give the Surface Laptop Studio a look. With a powerful processor, graphic architecture, huge RAM and memory, studio sound, and advanced cooling, this bad boy delivers on every level.

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15 thoughts on “Powerful Tech for Work and Play”

  1. I love how compact that new laptop looks. It would be so easy to take to the office or to travel with, instead of packing a heavier, older laptop, like what I have now.

  2. Wow! That looks like a really perfect and amazing gadget it will be more comfortable to bring it to school or office or anywhere.

  3. It’s so important to have the right tech to get the job done, no matter what you’re working on. I seriously need to upgrade mine!

  4. I read your article and found it informative and very helpful. Keep writing informative and useful content. Thanks again for providing us a great information.

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