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Winter Reads for Your Kids

With a new year, comes new goals. I had a conversation with my kids about their goals for 2022 and they actually mentioned finding new books that they look forward to reading. With everything going on in the world currently, we are stuck inside for a lot of time these days and I know what you’re thinking- yes, it is actually possible that technology can get boring after some time. My kids enjoy movies and games just as much as every other child, but there comes a point where these things get to be boring and they need a new activity to jump to.

For us, reading is an important activity we like to encourage our children to partake in. I have some pretty creative kids, so I like to keep their imaginations fresh. We are beginning to go through our bookshelves to create space for the reads we want this new year and of course, I am here to share the books on their lists with all of you! I must say, it is wild how many books are readily available these days. It’s not just the library, Amazon Prime is at our fingertips.

As my kids get older, they get a lot more school work and assigned reading, and I want to make sure they have books at home that they actually want to spend time reading. I don’t want them to associate reading as being something they absolutely need to do for school, but as something that can be fun still. They loved it as little kids and my job is to make sure that doesn’t change!

We worked together to put together a list of books that are perfect Winter reads for all ages. This list has books that are hot off the press, newly published. I do love a good classic, though. But it’s so fun to find brand new books that the kids can talk about with their friends. I would love to know what books your children are into this year, leave recommendations below!

For more book suggestions, look here!

This sweet book intended for children aged 3-5 is perfect for Valentine’s Day this year! It’s an unconditional love ode and such a great poetic read.
Discover the life of Martin Luther King Jr―a story for kids ages 6 to 9 about standing up for civil rights.
The kids are stuck inside today. As they get bored, their grandmother tells them to use their imaginations. How will these kids spend their day? Their grandmother teaches them all about the strength and resilience of their ancestors.
Sunny has mystical powers and she is still learning how to control them. In this chapter from the series, she has to learn how to balance her human side, with her magical one.
The story behind one of the most celebrated speeches in America’s history.
A young student receives an ancestry project for school, but she can only trace back 3 generations. Her grandmother sits down to tell the story of her ancestors.
Maizy has to go to Last Chance, Minnesota and help out with the family restaurant until her grandpa gets better. As she begins work, she discovers the family business is full of secrets.
Reality bends easily at this middle of nowhere spot. The 3 Kingdoms of Salvation have been at war for years. Can humanity be saved from Malice?
Sunny’s brother left him a notebook when he passed and he is determined to fill it with rash decisions. He cuts his hair and goes to prom alone. He meets Mindii who has rash decisions of her own, like stealing his notebook. Can he get it back?
This is one of the sweetest picture books I’ve ever seen! It’s all about the bond between a mother and her baby and how incredible of a team they make.
Josslyn knows magic is dangerous, so when she’s caught in a robbery gone wrong and ends up infected with magic, what will she do? This teen novel is full of suspense!
Stacey loves words, but when her teacher signs her up for the spelling bee she gets nervous. Why is she all of a sudden doubting her abilities?
When animals talk, humans need to listen. Harlon and her siblings can communicate with animals, but when their mountain home gets attacked, who will be there for the animals?
Bug wants to hang out with her brother, but he is with his friends. She now has to spend the summer with her neighbor’s nephew, Frankie, who she’s never met! Will they become the best of friends?
Pretty much everyone associates colors with smells. Dawn Goldworm has spent her entire career learning all about this and she brings her findings to this scented picture book!

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