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Kindergarten Woes

We are now 5 weeks into school, and have to say I am the one having a hard time (with kindergarten that is). During the first month of school for Ryder, we were able to walk the kids into their classroom, get them unpacked and sorted for their day. I felt like I was somehow involved in his school routine. October then rolled around quite quickly, and a new schedule started where I just drop him off at the door to the school. He then makes his way into the gym (by himself) where his teacher then comes to get the class. I cannot help but get choked up every. single. morning. Watching him go into school like a big boy is killing me! It’s absolutely wonderful they are giving them the freedom to do this and the tools to learn responsibilities but I am not ready to let go of the reigns just yet.



I feel like school has started and he already aged a half of year. He seems more mature all of a sudden. The conversations we now have walking to school make me feel as if I already have a 10 year old. He is much more into his surroundings lately and I’m finding him much more into wanting to learn. He even helps me pack his lunch in the mornings. Which is all HUGE and AWESOME! There have been some downsides of course, he’s learned a few bad words that I have never ever used and know it was probably from his peers, and of course to be expected. Now that he thinks he’s a “big boy” (which he is), he is constantly reminding Siella that she’s still a baby.

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I am still going with my plan I put into play this summer about spending one on one time with each child at least once a week. Siella has her dance class, Gemma her music, and Ryder is now signed up for karate.


Ryder is absolutely loving his class, teachers, and new school. His teachers are absolutely lovely. I have been to two school meetings so far and I am very impressed with all that they have planned this school year with the kids. I for sure know I made the right choice for him and he is in an amazing school. I have also volunteered during his lunch and recess time to help out with the children. It was such a great experience because I was able to see what is going on in his environment I am making it a point to volunteer as least once a week.


I think I am feeling this way is because he is my oldest, my only boy and I am just watching him grow up too fast before my eyes. I’m making these mental notes to slow down and enjoy my time with all my children but time is racing away. I think my method of coping with all of this is by taking photos; so I can remember it all. I’m sure the parents must think I’m nuts by always whipping out my iphone for a pic but I want to save and bottle it all up! Just this morning, I changed things around a bit and decided to leave the house extra early and grab breakfast just the two of us. Jason is home (for only 4 days), so I left the girls with him. It’s these little moments I will cherish forever!


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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Woes”

  1. I’m feeling something similar these days! The changes that come with school somehow feel huge! I remember when the school entry process shifted in K – it was hard for me too! My nursery schooler just recently had the shift – I greatly miss walking him to his class room, reminding him to drink water, and spying for a few moments through the window. I’m also a picture taker – someday it will be one of the most important things to look back on. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I guess this comes with the territory of getting older. Keep taking those pics, we will def look back on all of them someday.

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