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Family Travel: JetBlue Airways

Traveling is probably one of my most favorite things to do with my family. We are usually up for anything whether it be a weekend staycation, four hour car ride, or a trip to the Dominican Republic. But, I have to say the cost of airfare these days are what sometimes keeps us on the ground. Now having a family of five (only 4 airfares at the moment) to pay for; we make sure to find anyway possible to rack up our miles because at the end of the year, it usually pays off. I had an opportunity of visiting the JetBlue headquarters this past week in Long Island City, and have to say I was quite impressed with their internal offices. I have always been a bit obsessed with airplanes and will someday get the guts to actually take lessons; and found during my visit there is so very much more than I ever thought that goes into flying a plane. I had a chance to see inside one of their offices which was the motherboard of all JetBlue flights, and see their crew talking and staying connected to every plane they had in the air. JetBlue is also extremely loyal to their customers. They have listened to much feedback from their frequent and not so much frequent flyers and have now developed something for their TrueBlue rewards that I think you will all enjoy!!


The latest addition to its TrueBlue loyalty program – Family Pooling. The airline is the only U.S. carrier to offer this “pooling” option. Families and small groups can now elect to earn and share TrueBlue points, free of charge. Members can allocate all or a portion of their individual TrueBlue points into a group account. A family can consist of up to two adults and up to five children, (under 21). Family members can choose to have 10 to 100 percent of their points pooled into the joint account. The “Head of Household” can then redeem points from the family account for any family member’s travel.


Family Pooling was developed based on customer feedback. A “family” is defined as a group of people united by a common affiliation. With TrueBlue Family Pooling, customers can determine their own “family” based on what is most beneficial to them. Everyone in the family counts. Whether it’s immediate family members, same sex partners or a couple of friends, Family Pooling is designed to improve the overall customer experience and allow groups to conveniently earn and redeem points.




A TrueBlue membership is free to join and includes the ability to use points for any seat on any JetBlue operated flight with no blackout dates. Members can now earn and keep points without the fear of expiration due to account inactivity. Recent additions to the TrueBlue program include TrueBlue Mosaic. TrueBlue members who fly 30 segments and earn 12,000 base points within a calendar year (or earn 15,000 base points in a calendar year) automatically earn Mosaic benefits.


For more information visit www.jetblue.com/familypooling

SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive some JetBlue airline perks. 

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