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Kids Style File: Wunway

I know it was bound to happen but my 20 month old actually has an opinion about what she wears right down to shoes. Although it is great she actually has a sense of style, we are already having arguments that she can’t wear her rain boots when its sunny or warm outside, or her leather jacket on a 20 degree day. I guess its also a sense of control that comes with the terrible two phase. Even though I will continue to encourage her to chose her own style, I can’t help but guide her on what matches and what is weather appropriate. (lets face it I still buy her entire wardrobe).

I was just recently introduced to a new clothing line for girls called Wunway, pronounced liked “runway” but with a “W”. Sort of like how a child would say runway. From the minute I opened up to their website, I was immediately hooked! Super cool fashions for girls and I was pleasantly surprised about the affordable prices! Wunway was started by three moms, together having a totally of ten children. Because of their passion for their children and style, Wunway was born. Their initial launch is focused on girls clothing ages 1 through 8. True to their motto “style starts young” , they focus on girls formative years, fostering an inspired sense of style as they learn to dress and express themselves. Wunway not only offers clothing for girls but shoes and accessories as well as mommy accessories which I adore. Siella approves, which makes dressing her all the more easier in the mornings!


SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive samples. All opinions are my own. 

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