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Just Like Mama

Before children, bags were accessories that complimented my outfits, and I’d swap them out daily with the many that lined my shelves. I had many styles that I still own today, and just recently the girls unearthed a bag stashed under my bed, that was passed down to me from my mom, and my Grandma Nana before her. My girls are pretty fascinated with bags too, especially Gemma who tends to tote around with one every single day. Before we leave our apartment, she stuffs a purse with her little trinket toys, sometimes a babydoll, and some snacks. Her favorite bag lately is the one from my Grandma. She slings it over her shoulder, just like I do.


While I still seem to think I have a sense of style with three children, bags for me now are all about function, rather than form and I don’t swap them out as much as I used to. With many different jobs and responsibilities, my hats change throughout each and every day, so I need to be prepared for what’s next. This means that before I drop the kids off to school each morning, my purse needs to be packed for the day ahead. I need to make sure that in addition to my staples (keys, wallet, sunnies, phone, etc) to do lists, that I have enough snacks for all three children, dance gear on certain days, and the other essentials that seem to make it’s way in, like crayons, super heroes, and shopkins.

My Lily Jade bags, which are actually designer diaper bags, have accompanied me throughout my journey of motherhood. I’ve been carrying one since Siella was in diapers, and still find them to be not only super useful in our lives today, but also durable and super stylish. My current Lily Jade obsession is their Rosie Bag, in camel.

IMG_2599 IMG_2663

With great versatility, I love how my bag can adjust from cross body to shoulder bag. And, the detailing for me is key. It’s made from soft, premium leather, with gold hardware and zippers, and even the little beaded strap on the outside handle. Each Lily Jade bag comes complete with a detachable, washable baby bag organizer and washable changing pad. The organizer has 14+ usable pockets, ideal for both mommy and baby essentials.

IMG_2750 IMG_2754 IMG_2654 IMG_2628

With three little ones always on the go, I have to be prepared for whatever motherhood throws my way, and organization for me is key and with a bag that’s ready to go in the morning. I look forward to passing down all my bags to my girls when they get bigger, but for now I’ll keep my Lily Jade’s for myself.

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5 thoughts on “Just Like Mama”

  1. I used to love small, functional purses. Now, the bigger, the better! My only requirements are that it has to be lightweight and have easy access to my cell phone. Other than that, I just need it big enough to shove stuff in because everyone knows mom’s purse is really just a traveling suitcase for the family!

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