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Taking A Blizzard Break!

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There’s nothing quite like New York City during the summertime. Sure, it’s super hot and humid, but so many people and families tend to get out of dodge, escaping to summer homes or vacations, so it’s nice to have the city to yourself, sort of. I like to use the days to explore our favorite playgrounds or museums, which tend to be crowded on normal days. Union Square is definitely one of those places. This weekend, we headed over there to take advantage of the farmers market, and check out one of the girls’ favorite playgrounds, that’s typically packed to the brim with people. They ended up playing for hours, and making some new friends along the way. It was an easy Sunday sort of vibe.

Just before school ended, I took Ryder and Gemma to a super fun event, hosted by Dairy Queen, to celebrate their newest Blizzard Flavors. They had a blast sampling the new flavors and told Siella all about it. Since then, she’s been begging for us to go back for her to try a Blizzard! So right after the girls romped around in the playground yesterday, I knew just where to go for a treat to cool down…Dairy Queen! Located a block and a half from Union Square, DQ was the perfect spot for us to hit the pause button and enjoy a much needed #BlizzardBreak!

They have some delicious new flavors that were just released this month. The Frosted Fudge Brownie Blizzard Treat is filled with chewy chocolate brownies, and the Salted Caramel Blondie made with Brown Sugar Blondies, so I knew just the flavors they were going to choose! Jason and I couldn’t resist, so we split a classic like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Two more flavors will be introduced this summer, so be sure to not miss out on these limited time blizzards. I think we may need take Ryder there, once he gets home from camp!

This summer, I am so looking forward to our family justing hitting the pause button. During the school months, our schedules tend to be complete chaos. I find myself running all over town and yet feeling as if I accomplished nothing. DQ is the perfect stop for our family this summer. The #BlizzardBreak gives us time to slow down and enjoy the moment, and of course enjoy a yummy treat together!

What a nice way to end our day out and about. After our treats, we browsed a few more stores before heading home to prep for the girls’ first days of camp! It’s been so much fun having them home these past two weeks.


Would love to hear your favorite Blizzard flavor? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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15 thoughts on “Taking A Blizzard Break!”

  1. Those girls are adorable! Blizzard’s are awesome. With how hot it’s been here in Southern California a Blizzard would be amazing right now!

  2. Taking little breaks like this to enjoy life and slow down is so important. Plus, you can’t go wrong with DQ!

  3. Dairy Queen would be awesome right now! We live just across the river in NJ and running around today in the heat has worn us out. Luckily, we have a Dairy Queen super close.

  4. I should treat myself to a #BlizzardBreak. They have so many great flavor combinations. My favorite is peanut butter cups and pecans.

  5. We love Blizzards! My best friend used to bring me one when I was about 16 every Saturday night, so it has such a nostalgic feeling for me!

  6. We’re on vacation in the Southern California desert. It’s gorgeous…but hot! Thankfully we have a Dairy Queen just don’t the street. Got to try out those new flavors.

  7. I love the fall Blizzard flavors when Dairy Queen does the Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. TOTALLY delicious! It looked like your family thoroughly enjoyed their blizzards!

  8. Texas is called “DQ Country” so blizzards are a way of life (really.) My husband loves his blizzards and they are the sweet treat that makes everyone happy. He’s addicted to banana split!

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