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Judgmental Termination

I seem to always put a ton of pressure on myself as a mom. In fact, I think we all do. Not sure if it’s because we live in NYC, and are constantly surrounded by people each and every day, but I feel like I am forever treading water, with everyone around and sometimes feeling judged by my actions. It could be that I am raising a big family, in the heart of a busy city, practically on my own, when Jason is on the road, but I feel as if all eyes are on me waiting for me to drop the ball. Even during our everyday rides in our elevator, there are times where I feel others looking at my children, especially if they are misbehaving or being “loud.” Or when Gemma decided to throw herself on the floor in the middle of the street because she refuses to hold my hand while crossing. I am haunted by friends and family members, who live outside the city, with comments like “how can you raise three children in the city,” especially in a small apartment. I’ve done my best to disregard and continue on, but sometimes, I can’t help taking to heart their judgment.

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I have to say Similac’s newest documentary, Ending Mommy Wars completely resonated with me, and I want to share it with the world. The End Mommy Wars documentary follows seven new moms with different parenting styles who have judged and been judged. The goal of the film showcase that there is more than one right way to raise a baby, and that we need to support each other’s decisions. Parenting is hard, and the last thing any of us need as we brave these waters is judgment from another mom or parent. We all make tough choices and only want what’s best for our babies.


In January, Similac started The Sisterhood of Motherhood campaign, to encourage parents to support each other’s parenting choices, and to unite around the idea, that we are all working toward the same goal, of raising happy and healthy babies. I’ve been a huge supporter of this campaign, because I really feel that this behavior has become the norm to some. In fact, in a study, 95% of moms have experienced judgment, and it’s a growing problem that needs to stop.

I encourage you to join me, along with the hundreds of moms and dads talking about and supporting The Sisterhood of Motherhood. Watch the documentary and share your story on the Similac Facebook page to #EndMommyWars.


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