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It’s harem time

About a month ago I was at the park with the kids and our usual crew. The cutest little girl ran by me and all I saw were these amazing harem pants on her and I immediately needed to find out wear to purchase. She happened to be with her nanny and as I was approaching her my friend said that’s *%$@#, a famous person’s daughter. I will feel bad if I tell you because I would never want to over expose a child. Anyhow, I happened to speak with the nanny and she tells me she brought these back from India and happens to make them. Of course she does! She took my number down and told me she will call me when she sells at a street fair. I just left her a message but in the meantime I needed to get my obsession with harem pant off my list for Siella, so I found these. Not exactly the same but they will do!

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