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It Takes A Village

Three days before I was leaving for the Mom 2 Summit conference in Scottsdale, and I was already in a panic. The to-do lists were piling up, post-its reminders were stuck to my computer and kitchen cabinets. You see, Thursdays and Fridays are my most overloaded days. On Thursday, I pull Ryder from school early to take him uptown to eye therapy, followed by baseball practice downtown, topped off with studying for his spelling test. On Friday, Ryder has all his other specialists. On these days, it’s nearly impossible to take the girls along, and expect to get done in a timely matter. Before the trip, Jason was away, so my mom came in to watch the kids, and help the babysitters. In addition to Ryder’s obligations, Siella had school, and both girls had ballet and music classes. I made sure to stock the refrigerator and cabinets with plenty of food and snacks, as well as pre-made dinners I froze. With an impending deadline, packing, and chaperoning Ryder’s class trip all before I left, there was still plenty to tend to, but things started to fall into place.

By Wednesday morning, I thought I had it all together and I had even pre-packed Ryder’s lunch and swim gear for the day. I landed in Scottsdale, feeling good about my 3 days away, but a phone call from the school nurse, informing me about a rash on Ryder’s arm negated that feeling of calm. I was skeptical, because earlier that day, he was complaining that he didn’t want to swim, so I figured he was just trying to wiggle out of class. Sure enough, I was right, and by the time my mother had picked him up from school, there was no rash. Since Jason and I were both away, I chalked it up to him probably he wanted some sympathy.

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Thursday morning, I received an email from Ryder’s teacher about how well he had done in reading class. I was excited with this feedback, and I replied to the email while walking into a session at the conference with an ear to ear grin. By the time the session ended, I  had 2 missed calls from Jason and my mom. Ryder was in the office with a fever, and he was coming home from school. What are the odds that I am out of town, and this happens. I put a stop everything I had I scheduled, cancelled the therapists, the extra sitter, and wrote an email to his coach, letting him know that Ryder would miss practice, and potentially Sunday’s game.



On Friday, his fever was the same, so he stayed home from school. This really bummed me out, because he’s been working so hard, and I didn’t want him to fall behind. Again, I cancelled the extra help and his therapy session. And to add fuel to the fire, Siella was running a temperature now. As much as I wanted to enjoy my time away, it was impossible knowing one of my babies was home sick, without me.


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Somehow, Saturday morning, I walked in the door, to find all kiddies with no symptoms of fever. They seem to be on the mend now, and it was probably just a 24 hour virus.  I guess no matter how much you are prepared, you always need to expect the unexpected. In this case, luckily it wasn’t too serious. I truly know the meaning of why they say it takes a village to deal with certain tasks, because dealing with two sick kids, and a two year old is no small task especially when mama is away.

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2 thoughts on “It Takes A Village”

  1. That stinks that they were sick, but unfortunately it happens more than we’d like. Luckily you had the help, but it is nervewracking. We are going away Friday morning and I am hoping that my kids don’t get sick.

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