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Interior motives

I’m in the process of transitioning Siella into Ryder’s room, so I am obsessed with finding the right pieces that will be the right fit for both of them. I decided to call upon my friend Chelsea, one of the owners of SISSY + MARLEY for some advice. Sissy +Marley are a NYC-based firm that specializes in creating, designing, and inspiring children’s spaces. They have a superb design aesthetic, and they make it accessible to everyone everywhere. Check out below, S+M have a service  called “Virtually Chic” (room in your in-box) by which they deliver custom design services by mapping out everything you will need for your little one’s room from window treatments to accent pieces. For anyone trying to make their home look straight out of  the pages of Elle Decor without spending a fortune, this is a dream come true. Just check out the finished product…..

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1 thought on “Interior motives”

  1. Amazing decoration ! So pure, design and cosy at the same time, i LOVE it ! Nazha Osseiran
    From Theophile & Patachou in the Dubai mall – Dubai

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