GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer

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We are constantly on the move no matter what the season. During the school year we are doing the drop-off/pick-up shuffle and racing to after-school activities and playdates. During the summertime we are hitting the beach, the park and going on road trips so we can enjoy every last minute of our free time. One essential we need, no matter the season or schedule, is healthy snacks. I like to be prepared and since we never know how much traffic we’ll hit or when hunger will strike I keep snacks on hand…all the time.

GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City

It is so easy to overload the kids on junk when we’re in a bind so that’s why I love to stock up on healthy snacks for on-the-go. My go-to snack has always been GoGo SqueeZ pouches. They are easy, healthy and always a crowd pleaser. These days, though, my kiddies aren’t dazzled by the simple applesauce and they definitely need a more substantial pouch to satiate their hunger.

GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City

GoGo squeeZ has come out with a NEW pouch that is designed specifically with tweens in mind. We are all pretty jazzed about the new GoGo squeeZ BlastZ because the pouches come in 3.9oz—which make them the perfect size for older kids. BlastZ was also co-created with tweens which is pretty cool.

GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City

GoGo squeeZ BlastZ pouches are definitely made for little thrill seekers with bold and complex flavors using a blend of 3 to 5 different fruits. Ryder especially is loving the new exciting flavors and tastes. My kids love cool restaurants, sushi, trying odd looking desserts—you name it. They are true city kids, so when they try a snack and rave about it, I know it has to be good.

GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City

I just have to make sure I stay stocked up to avoid a tug-of-war over the last GoGo squeeZ BlastZ pouch on our next adventure. And I won’t mind stocking our cabinets because GoGo squeeZ BlastZ pouches are made from100% real fruit, non-GMO Project Verified, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, vegan, kosher, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives—and the packaging is BPA free!

GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer | Stroller In The City

GoGo squeeZ BlastZ pouches are available in 4-packs in 3 new flavors. AND the three new flavors are delishhh. Raspberry Rush is made from a blend of apple, raspberry and cranberry. The Berry Madness is a blend of apple, cranberry, blackcurrant and blueberry. Tropical Burst (a favorite in our home) is made from a blend of apple, mango, pineapple, guava and passionfruit. We are definitely loving the bigger, bolder and brighter vibe of GoGo’s new BlastZ pouches! Perfect for summertime…and basically anytime. Live a little louder and have a blast.

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Must Have Healthy Summer Snacks: GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ | Stroller In The City

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5 thoughts on “GoGo SqueeZ BlastZ for Summer”

  1. My little one loves go go squeeze so I will totally check these out! They are so great to keep int he diaper bag!

  2. Kids really love GoGo Blastz. I know my children love it and they always remind me to restock. It sure is a delicious way to stay hydrated this summer!

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