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Hands Free Disposal

My kids have been out of diapers for a while but I will never forget the smell of soggy and stinking garbage bags before I invested in a diaper pail. So many people will tell you that a diaper pail is unnecessary and you shouldn’t bother registering for one because you can just throw diapers in the regular trash. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth.

We live in a high-rise apartment building with multiple garbage shoots on every floor. In theory, it is easy to change a dirty diaper and walk it out to the shoot. But in reality, I can’t tell you how many times I was too overwhelmed with the kids to walk to the garbage shoot and instead stuffed a smelling diaper in our regular trash can, only to regret it the next day. Even buried under piles of odorless garbage, the funk from one poopy diaper can permeate the can and fill the apartment! Sooo YES, a proper diaper pail is a smart investment and an even smarter registry item!

Why You Need A Diaper Pail

The pail of choice for me is Diaper Dékor. There are three sizes. I like the Dékor Plus because it is the biggest, which means each bag holds way more diapers so you don’t have to empty the pail as much, plus the Dékor refills are available in a biodegradable formula that helps them to break down quicker than ordinary refills.

Why You Need A Diaper Pail

There are seven different subtle color options available. My favorites are the clean looking Soft Mint and the Basic White. What I really like is that this pail looks like a sleek and simple garbage can and not a typical diaper pail so it will blend in with your existing interiors. After diapers, take the diaper insert out and you can use the pail anywhere in the house as a sleek trash can.

Why You Need A Diaper Pail

Dékor is completely hands free; just step and drop. This feature is crucial for new parents who are just getting the hang of holding their delicate newborns to exhausted parents with active infants and all the way to the parents with wild toddlers.

Dékor also has three different seals to lock in odor AND they offer machine washable, waterproof Cloth Diaper Liners. I wasn’t brave enough to go with cloth diapers but I like that Dékor supports this eco-friendly option.

Why You Need A Diaper Pail

The baby products we purchase should not only be well designed and functional but they have to make our lives easier. Dékor definitely makes parenting easier…one dirty diaper at a time.

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