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A Sweet Reward

The constant juggling act around our house is always hectic and with the whirlwind, it’s shocking that we are almost through April. There are more travel excursions on the horizon but once they pass, I expect to be able to breathe again. Work has been pretty intense for Jason and I, and now this week the children are on spring break. With deadlines looming, I try my best to be home with kids, while tending to work simultaneously, so I’ve moved my office into their playroom, using Ryder’s desk for work and play. This allows me to hang with them, while answering calls and emails, with Gemma sitting on my lap half the time.

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With one of trips planned for Mother’s Day weekend, we plan to celebrate with my mother a week earlier. While out shopping for a card and presents to give my mom (and the children’s “Gee”), I came across LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles which are the perfect sweet to gift not only to my mom, but myself as well. While I adore the Milk Chocolate Truffle, LINDOR comes in a variety of flavors, so they truly offer something for everyone. There’s just something so rich and decadent about their chocolate.


I’ve realized that I am usually working or taking care of the kids, so there is rarely time for myself. Granted, I love doing what I do but there needs some kind of downtime. Take yesterday, for example. The kids were off from school, Gemma had a cold and I was forced to bounce between a photo shoot in Brooklyn and a pile of emails. Finally, I stepped away from the computer to take a break. I sat on the couch, popped a LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffle in mouth, and yes as cliche as it may sound, I actually felt better. For the first time all day, no one was around, and I took a moment alone to simply sit and relax. I think all of us moms need to take at least 10-15 minutes a day for ourselves, and as you all know this can be a pretty big challenge I think we all face. Take a break and maybe a little treat once in a while, can do the trick. The #LINDORmelt did just the trick!


I was surprised to discover that these iconic LINDOR Milk Chocolate truffles are making their big screen appearance as the official chocolate in the Mother’s Day Movie, premiering in theaters this Friday. All three of my most favorite actresses Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston are in one movie! In fact, I am actually hosting a screening with my favorite mom bloggers, where we will all be indulging in a few LINDOR truffles. I cannot wait!


To sweeten the season, Lindt is hosting an exciting “Mother’s Day” Movie Contest, offering chocolate lovers the chance to win a year’s supply of LINDOR truffles. Lindt is also sharing Mother’s Day décor inspiration and delicious recipes, from food and lifestyle bloggers, and providing an opportunity to celebrate National Truffle Day on May 2nd!

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LINDOR truffles are available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and on LindtUSA.com, and I promise you make the sweetest Mother’s Day gift!

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